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40 off for NGOs and educators

40% off for NGOs and educators

We’re all about supporting nonprofits and educational institutions with dynamic QR codes. Get in touch now to activate your special plan!

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"QR Code KIT is top notch

I’ve worked with a few companies that offer the same services and QR Code KIT is by far the easiest to use.”
Stars reviews
Picture of Alexis B.

Alexis B.

Strategic Sales & Marketing, Travel

"Brilliant service

QR Code KIT allows you to keep the same QR code but change the forwarding URL. Their customer service is second to none.”
Stars reviews
Picture of George P.

George P.

Head teacher, Education

"Outstanding customer support

This is the ONLY QR company I found that has good reviews. I was able to connect with a real person via live chat in less than a minute.”
Stars reviews
Picture of Joy L.

Joy L.

Business owner, Hospitality

"Perfect for large organisations

QR Code KIT is great for creating and managing QR codes at scale. Their QR codes helped us increase our customer satisfaction and review score.”
Stars reviews
Picture of Nisar S.

Nisar S.

Sales manager, Fast food chain

"Really pleased with QR Code KIT

Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to upgrade their marketing with QR codes.”
Stars reviews
Picture of Ada M.

Ada M.

Marketing manager, Retail

"Works perfectly

QR Code KIT has a straightforward interface, great customization features, and it’s easy to set up and maintain.”
Stars reviews
Picture of Eric P.

Eric P.

Software Development Leader, Automotive

"Great tool with many options

QR Code KIT makes it possible for us to design our own QR templates, segment targeting, track performance and more.”
Stars reviews
Picture of Johan M.

Johan M.

Creative Director, Design

"Fantastic platform

We’ve been using QR Code KIT for a couple of years and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a platform to keep track of QR codes and monitor performance.”
Stars reviews
Picture of Lauren B.

Lauren B.

Communications & Digital Manager, Education

"QR codes made easy!

Completely took the mystery out of using QR codes. QR Code KIT simplified resource sharing for us.”
Stars reviews
Picture of Raffaele B.

Raffaele B.

CEO, Luxury Jewelry

"Great all around marketing solution

I love the ability to group and nest QR codes and short links so we can easily find them later, tagged by the use case.”
Stars reviews
Picture of Adnan D.

Adnan D.

VP Customer Success, Computer Software

"Very convenient and unique

I love how the QR codes are customizable. We can reuse them and just have them re-direct to another website.”
Stars reviews
Picture of Destinie G.

Destinie G.

Marketing, Real Estate

"QR Code KIT is right for your business

One of the most important qualities of QR Code KIT is their support. They are probably the best at communicating with users.”
Stars reviews
Picture of Charlie M.

Charlie M.

Manager, Advertising

"Easiest way to create QR codes

We have been using it for almost a year now and we couldn’t be happier.”
Stars reviews
Picture of Emmanuell M.

Emmanuell M.

Project Manager, Healthcare

"Best in the market

I have tried several other services to see what benefits they have. QR Code KIT’s features, price and consistency beat anyone out of the park.”
Stars reviews
Picture of Alberto M.

Alberto M.

Marketing Manager, Hospitality

"Help you generate a QR of literally anything

We use it for generating deep links for apps that can be placed on product packaging.”
Stars reviews
Picture of Akshay D.

Akshay D.

CMO, Consumer Electronics

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How reliable is QR Code Kit?

Very. Since 2010, QR Code Kit has been hosting QR code campaigns for global brands, with millions of scans. With over 350,000 users worldwide, and many Fortune 500 companies, our security team is dedicated to ensuring your QR codes and projects to be secure and reliable. All of our short URLs generated when creating the codes are encrypted with HTTPS. This is an additional layer of safety on top of the advanced security settings we already provide for governments, corporates, and individuals. With QR Code Kit, you can create dynamic QR codes, manage and track them easily within a robust system dedicated to providing you with the best service.

What happens to my QR codes when my trial expires?

When you register to QR Code Kit you get access to a 14-day free trial of the Professional plan. Once the trial period ends, you can still access your account and don’t worry, all your data and progress are saved. However, the QR codes that you have created during that time will be deactivated. You can reactivate them or keep them active before the trial expires by upgrading to a Premium plan.

Can I request a refund?

Yes, you can. But why would you want to? 😄 We have a 7-day money-back policy: if you want to request a refund, you can do it within 7 days after the date of purchase. Please contact us via chat with your account’s email and we will refund you right away.


You have the best value for money; am I missing something?

We do have the best value for money – you’re very welcome 😉. QR Code Kit, aside from being the first marketing-oriented dynamic QR code generator, is an independent company. Our mission is to deliver the best service at a fair price to our 350,000+ customers worldwide.

What happens if I choose to upgrade my account?

If you choose to upgrade your account, you will keep your QR codes active and your templates intact. You can upgrade your account at any time, and it doesn’t matter how long it has been expired or if you’re still on the 14-day trial period. This means you don’t have to create new QR codes, as yours will be active and running. NOTE: upgrading to Professional or Enterprise will not enable you to change the domain name of a previously created project via white-label URL masking.

I have more questions; do you have a help center?

Sure thing. You will find answers about everything there, from what a dynamic QR code is and how to create one to general FAQs. Is there something you were looking for but can’t seem to find it? Get in touch with us via chat.

Do you offer a free plan?

Yes, we do. The Free plan includes 1 dynamic QR code, 100 scans per month and basic QR design features. QR types available to free accounts are website, contact tracing form, digital business card, and landing page. Other QR types are available with Premium plans. You can downgrade to the Free plan from your account.

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