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Get the scans you need – and more! Make magnetic QRs and landing page in a breeze with the longest-established dynamic QR code platform. Invite teammates and measure performances. All in one place.

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We invented dynamic QR codes back in 2009. We’ve been the first to launch the vCard QR, the menu QR, and many more that you love and use. We have served hundreds of millions of scans. We’re still at the forefront of barcode innovation. You have found a safe home for your QRs.
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Create freely with tons of QR types

What are you gonna share today? From website to social media, file download, email, check-in form, app store, and many more, our QR types cover all your connection needs. More the DIY type? Go with the landing page QR and build your page exactly how you want it. From signup to QR download, it takes only a few clicks.

Create freely with tons of QR types

Recycle your QRs as many times as you want

ALL your QR codes on QR Code KIT are dynamic. Dynamic QRs contain a URL that redirects to your content. That means you can endlessly edit, change, or update what’s inside your QR without replacing the code – you don’t have to reprint it! You can also swap the type of QR, for that matter (i.e., turn a YouTube QR into a WhatsApp QR).
Recycle your QRs as many times as you want
Dynamic feed

Generate and edit QR codes in bulk

Create or update large amounts of QRs all at once, with a single move. Amazing for business cards at large organizations, product packaging, and more.

Customize your QRs to make them stand out

QR codes are bland and kill the vibe of any visual, they say. But have they tried our design tool? You can insert your logo or an image. You can add solid colors or a gradient. You can adjust the shape of every single element of the code. You can put the QR inside a frame with a CTA. Bottom line: you can make it beautiful and engaging and blend it into any design.
Customize your QR to make them stand out​

Make amazing landing pages in minutes

On QR Code KIT you have a powerful and intuitive page builder to make fascinating landings for your content. You can pick a template from the library or start from scratch, adding rich text, images, videos, buttons, interactive 3D, and more. Your landing pages are hosted on our servers and are optimized for mobile devices.
Make amazing landing pages in minutes

Add your brand to the QR shortlink

Your dynamic QR encodes a URL that redirects visitors to your destination of choice. Good news: you can personalize this shortlink with your brand, product, or any word. You can change the “slug” (the last part of the URL, after the /, like or replace the domain entirely (i.e., qr.yourdomain/yourbrand). It’s fantastic for branding and marketing campaigns.
Add your brand to the QR shortlink​

Your content and users have never been safer

You want peace of mind, and we can assure it to you. Airtight security. GDPR-compliant data protection. A 24/7 cybersecurity team. And SSO login to add a protection layer.

Build teams and manage access easily

Invite teammates to collaborate on projects. Grant different privileges to members, keeping your campaigns safe and well organized. You have multiple admin seats to assign and a billing manager role, too. Does someone move to another department or leave the company? Remove them with a couple of clicks.
Build teams and manage access easily

Print your QR codes flawlessly

Download your QR as a .png, .pdf, .svg, or .eps file. .pdf and .eps are perfect for high-quality printing, even on large supports. .png and .svg work excellent on screens. Our system tells you in real time if your QR is readable as you edit it, but remember to test it before printing!
Print your QR codes flawlessly

Projects and tags​

Organize your QR codes and keep your account tidy.


API access​

Become a QR code generator with our flexible API.

Usage limit

Usage limit​

Decide how may times a given QR code can be read.

Password protection

Password protection​

Set a password to unlock the content of the QR.

Track your QR performances in real time

Power is nothing without control, and we give you all the control you need with advanced QR analytics. See how many scans a code receives, from where, and much more. Get invaluable insights to optimize your campaigns and improve results. You can also connect your Google Analytics for enhanced tracking.
Track your QR performances in real time

Get support from a 5-star team of experts

We have the highest ratings on all the review platforms, from Trustpilot to Capterra, and it’s not by chance. Our customer success team is committed to assisting and helping you succeed with your campaigns and QR endeavors. Support via live chat and email is available to all users, always.
Get support from a 5-star team of experts

Rock-solid and scalable. QR features designed for your growth.

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Stay always available

With a continued >99% uptime you will hardly ever let down a visitor with us.
Dynamic feed

Keep it flexible

Pick the plan that fits your needs best. You can upgrade at any time.
Engage more and better

Engage more and better

Increase your scans up to 200% with a customized dynamic QR code.