QR code glossary

QR code glossary of technology terms


A representation of stored information that can be optically read or scanned by a device. More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barcode

QR Code

Quick Response matrix represented typically by a grid of black squares over a white background, that can store a variety of types of information and data. Also known as: Quick Response Code, 2D Code.

QR Code – Version Information

There are many different versions of the QR codes. This identify which one is being used in a particular code.

It stores information about the error correction level and the masking pattern.

QR Code – Data and error correction keys

It contains the information of the code itself and allows the QR code to be scanned even when partially obscured.

Everything within a QR code that can’t be damaged or covered, in order for the QR code to work.

QR Code – Position Pattern

It determines the direction, allowing 360º reading of the code.

QR Code – Alignment Pattern

It ensures that the code can be read in case it’s printed on a curved surface or distorted because of the angle.

QR Code – Timing Pattern

They enable the decoder to determine the width of the data matrix.

QR Code – Quiet zone

It helps isolate the code of its surroundings.

Types of QR Codes

Dynamic QR Code

A QR code that offers the ability to change its content as many times as the user wants, without having to reprint the code.

Static QR Code

A QR code that only redirects to one of many possibilities and cannot be changed.

Micro QR Code

A QR code that has only one orientation detecting pattern, allowing it to be placed on a smaller place, but having less storage information. More information: http://www.qrcode.com/en/codes/

iQR Code

A QR code generated with rectangular modules.


A QR code with reading restricting functions, mainly used for private information.A QR code with a canvas area that can be used to insert letters and images within it.

Frame QR

A QR code with a canvas area that can be used to insert letters and images within it.

QR Code Utilities

QR Code Error Correction Rate

A feature that allows a QR code to be readable even if it is partially covered.

QR Code Generator

A platform in which users can create QR codes, choosing from a variety of redirecting options as well as customizing the QR code’s appearance. Also known as: QR Code Maker, QR Code Creator.

QR Code Scanner

A software or device that allows the user to access the QR code’s information by opening the app and placing the devices camera in front of the code. Also known as: QR Code Reader, QR Code App, QR Code Decoder.

QR Code Scanner Online

Much like the QR Code Scanner, this one allows you to scan a code online.

QR Code Beautifier

A utility that allows the user to customize the QR code’s look by adding colors, a background, a logo or even softening its borders. Also known as: QR Code Designer.

QR Code Tracking

A system to retrieve the statistics of a QR code. Sorting options range from device used to scan the code, browsers in which the information is displayed, the user’s age and gender, and more.

Other QR Notions

Barcode Reed-Solomon Error Correction

An error correction system for barcodes created in 1960 by Irving S. Reed and Gustave Solomon. More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reed%E2%80%93Solomon_error_correction

QR Code Advertising

A marketing endeavor that uses QR codes.

Custom QR Code

A customized QR code.

QR Link

Where the QR codes redirects to. May be a URL, a vCard, a Social Media Fan Page, a YouTube Video, etc.

QR Mobile Page

A customizable web page that can be customized via a QR code generator.

Mii QR Code

QR codes used specifically on Nintendo platforms suchs Wii or Nintendo 3DS.


A redirecting page that pops up right after scanning the QR code and before the actual content is displayed.

To Tag a QR Code

The action of scanning or tagging a QR code. More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_tagging

Mobile Data Transfer


The first generation of mobile data technology. More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1G


The second generation of mobile data technology. More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2G


The third generation of mobile data technology. Download rates between 2-5 Mb/s. More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3G


The fourth generation of mobile data technology. Download rates between 5-25 Mb/s. More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4G


The fifth and actual generation of mobile data technology. More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5G

Web Marketing and Advertising

A/B Testing
A split testing in which some users test prototype A, while others test prototype B.

Accidental Click
A click that occurs by mistake. Comes into account when retrieving stats of content accessed or seen.

Acquisition Rate
The percentage of participants who opts in on a mobile marketing campaign, given by the total number of participants that were offered divided by the total of users.

Ad Impression
When a user views an advertisement.

Ad Space
The place reserved for an advertisement in an application.

Ad Unit
The support in which an advertisement is shown, such as a rectangular banner.

Any piece of multimedia material that promotes a brand, product or service.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advertising

Advertisement Action
Any interaction or communication related to an advertisement.

The organization or individual who places the advertisement.

Google’s sponsored links program.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AdWords

Affiliate Marketing
An agreement between a content provider and a person or entity to provide financial support in exchange of offering products or services to users.

An intermediary service (management, administration) provided by a company between content providers, application providers and the mobile phone service carriers.

The user’s time consumed in minutes when making and receiving calls.

Alert Messages
Push notifications that demand action by the user.

Alert Tone
A sound that is triggered when a device receives a notification.

Multimedia notification that appear when a user opts in to receive such information.

ALT tag
A text that is shown while an image loads on a device.

Anchor Text
A link’s text.

Google’s operating system, and currently the most popular.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Android_(operating_system)

Android SDK
Google’s development kit offered to those that want to build apps for Android OS.

A software that promotes mobile marketing endeavors

App Analytics
An applications’ statistics retrieved to study its awareness and improve its reach.

App Funnels
Events that help understand how a user interacts with an app and track their moves along the app itself.

App Marketing
Everything that has to do with promoting apps, improving user experience and engaging app users.

App Monetization
The provider’s way to make money out of the app by in-app advertising, charging for the app, etc.

App Originated Message
A multimedia message sent from a mobile application.

App Provider
The organization or individual that offers a mobile software.

App Ranking Algorithm
A program in which apps are sorted in the store’s library.

App Reviews
Users or experts critiques on how an app functions.

App Store
Apple’s online store for iOS users.

App Store Optimization (ASO)
The betterment of your app store page’s visibility by optimizing the title to including focus keywords.

App Terminated
A multimedia message received by a mobile application.

App Versions
The many iterations an app may have until it reaches its most stable version.

A time delayed type of communication.

Augmented Reality
Superimposes a computer-generated layer on top of the user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augmented_reality

Average Revenue Per User
The average income and outcome generated by a carrier’s user.

A transaction between the businesses.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business-to-business

Background Audio Ad
MMS message with a background audio clip, such as a jingle.

The amount of data, based on bits, kilobits or megabits per second, that can be put in a connection.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bandwidth_(computing)

Banner Messages
Push notifications that appear at the top or the bottom of a user’s screen and disappear after a few seconds.

Banner Size
The pixel size of an image advertisement.

Billing Aggregator
A provider of one or more billing systems for mobile applications, such as Credit Cards or PayPal.

Bill Face Descriptor
Billing details displayed on a user’s mobile bill.

Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW)
A development software for wireless devices that use CDMA technology.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary_Runtime_Environment_for_Wireless

A digital image format.

Blink Message
A blinking text message.

A wireless communication technology that allows devices to exchange data over short distances.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluetooth

The development of a brand identity.

BREW Applications
A software developed for mobile devices with BREW technology.

Broadcast video
Video transmitted on user’s handset, allowing the user select the content.

An instruction (click a link, call a phone number, send a mobile text) sent to a receiver to act upon.

An advertising endeavor that promotes a unique message or theme, that can have different flights.

A mobile network’s ability to support different tasks, such as calls, messaging, etc.

A wireless communication service provider.
Also known as: Service provider, Operator.

Cascading Style Sheet
A style sheet that defines the presentation of a web site.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cascading_Style_Sheets

An asynchronous program, allowing two or more users to interact.

Chat Bot
A response generated by computer in a chat environment.

Clear and Conspicuous Notice
A set of documents that include instructions, terms and conditions and relevant information of a marketing endeavor.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)
The number of users that clicked on a link to get more information upon receiving a B2B message.

Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)
A radio communication’s channel access method used in the US.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code_division_multiple_access

Users that succeeded in a completing an action on a specific time.

Combination Ad
An image and text based advertisement.

Commerce Advertising
Ads on mobile devices.

Common Short Code (CSC)
A combination of numeric digits that a mobile device user has to send in order to fulfill a campaign goal.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Short_code

Compact HTML
HTML for mobile devices.

Complete MMS Ad
An MMS that is composed entirely by an advertisement.

Information that cannot be accessed publicly.

Confirmed Opt-in
The verification of a user who has subscribed to a program or initiative.

To access a product or service by purchasing it.

Content Aggregator
An organization that redistributes products or services.
Also known as: Publisher’s Aggregator

Content Preview
A sample of mobile content displayed within an advertisement.

Content Provider
An organization that generates multimedia products or services.

An advertising promotion that offer a prize.

Conversion Rate
The percentage of users who turn from site visitors to paying customers. The rate differs according to the business’ goals.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conversion_marketing

Conversion Tracking
A measurement that shows consumer interactions with a specific brand or product that helps advertisers study marketing efforts.

Small piece of data from a web site that is stored in the user’s web browser. The data may include email addresses, user names, etc.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
The cost of converting a viewer or user into a customer.

Cost Per Click (CPC)
The cost when a user clicks on a digital ad.

Cost Per Impression (CPI)
The cost when a user views an online ad campaign.

Cost Per Install (CPI)
An advertising model where the advertiser pays for each installation linked to the advertisement, typically of a mobile app.

Cost Per Thousand (CPM)
A fee that is based on the number of impressions that may result when users view an ad.

A document or a ticket that can be redeemed for a financial discount when purchasing a service or product.
Cross-Carrier Mobile-phone Voting Application
A program that renders user’s votes on multiple mobile carriers.

Apps that are available on multiple operating systems.

Customer Care and Billing
An area or department that offers user support and billing information.

Daily Average User (DAU)
The number of users that are using an application over a day.

Data Charging
The cost of data services for mobile networks, payed by use or by a pre set rate.

Data Collection
A recollection of statistical information that is retrieved to analyze and plan a marketing campaign.

Data Matrix
A two-dimensional barcode of black and white modules.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_Matrix

The default home page of a phone’s browser and portal of links to content.

Delivery Report
A notice that acknowledges a successful interaction.

Demand Side Platform (DSP)
An interface where mobile advertisers can retrieve ad and data exchange information.

Designated Market Area (DMA)
One of 210 unique geographic regions in the United States.

Digital Multimedia Broadcasting
Multimedia sent to handsets via a digital radio transmission.

A filtering method of user information such as device used, users, etc.

Direct to Consumer (D2C)
Products or services that are targeted to the end consumer.

Download video
The complete download of a video file on a mobile device before it starts playing.

Dual Band
Two frequencies or bands that are compatible with a handset.

Dynamic Optimization
A method in which buying behavior can be automatically modified based on empirical data.

The consumer that acquires or uses the service or product.

Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution
The ultimate stage of the standard GSM and an intermediate between 2G and 3G data transfer technology.

eCPM (effective cost per mille/thousand)
A formula that determines the effective cost per thousand impressions.

The user’s actions taken during an app’s session.

Event Attributes
A contextualized description of an app’s event.

Expandable ad formats
Ads that expand upon user interacting with it, such as in-banner video or interstitials.

Extensible Markup Language (XML)
A markup language to encode documents readable by humans and machines.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XML

Extensible HyperText Markup Language (XHTML)
An upgraded, more extensive and multi operative version of HTML.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XHTML

A small station that improves a carrier’s signal when the quality is low.

Finger Printing
A user’s activity tracking method based on a time stamp or a network visited.

Fixed Mobile Convergence
A mobile device that can change from a carrier network to WiFi.

Part of a campaign.

Free to End User (FTEU)
An application delivered to the end consumer by opting in free of charge.

Frequency Capping
Limits the amount of ads shown.

Full Music Download
The complete download of an audio file on a mobile device.

A group of menus that hold links to third party content, that can be accessed from the mobile carrier’s main deck.

General Packet Radio Service
An enhanced version of GSM, known as 2.5G, enabling high speed data transmition.

A message sent to users that are within a set radius of where they may find certain point of interest, offer, etc.

The retrieval of user data based on their current location.

Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM)
The standard for 2G digital cellular networks.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GSM

Google Play Store
Google’s online store for Android users.

Graphic Banners
An advertisement that features an image contained on a banner.

Graphics Interchange Format
A color image format for mobile banner ads.

A voicemail that is activated when a caller can’t reach the recipient.

Hands Free
The possibility to use a mobile phone without handling it physically.

A mobile phone or device.

Heading/H tags
A specific denomination within the text of a web site, such as a title or a subtitle.

High Speed Downlink Packet Access
An enhanced version of Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) 3G technology.

Any graphic or photographic file, such as as JPG, PNG, GIF, displayed on a handset.

Image Ad
An image that once clicked on redirect the user to an advertised destination via an active link.

A mobile internet service developed in Japan that has a wide variety of internet standards.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I-mode

A measurement used to determine the number of times an ad was viewed.

In-App Messaging
Messages sent to users that are actively using the app, with updates or special features.

In-App Purchases
A purchase made through an app. This include digital purchases as well as physical goods.

The database used to store content from a website, accessed by search engines.

Information on Demand (IOD)
Updates or special information sent to a user in the form of an alert.

Instant Voice Response
A computerized system in which users interact with fromt their handset.

Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN)
A wireless technology developed by Motorola that combines digital cellular telephone and a two way radio.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IDEN

Interactive TV
A TV programming technology in which the user and interact with.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
A technology that involves the user using his or her voice in order to activate a function, rather than texting a response.

Interstitial Ads
Embedded images, texts or videos to an MMS ad message.

International Mobile Equipment Identity
A unique set of numbers that correspond to a mobile phone.More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Mobile_Station_Equipment_Identity

Internet of Things
A network that allows physical objects to connect via software or hardware connectivity to collect and exchange data.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_of_Things

Interstitial Image Ad
An MMS message with an advertising image inserted in the middle of it.

Interstitial Text Ad
An MMS message with text inserted in the middle of it.

Interstitial Video Ad
An MMS message with a video clip inserted in the middle of it.

Apple’s operating system available on Apple devices (iPhones, iPads, etc.)
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IOS

Bypassing the hardware restrictions of a phone.

A programming language that is object oriented for application developers.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Java_(programming_language)

Java Games
Games developed with Java that run with Java Virtual Machine.

Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)
An image format widely used on the web.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JPEG

Jump Page
A page that appears briefly to catch the attention of a user.

A target word within a text.

Keyword Density
The amount of keywords and regular words within a text.

Landing Page
The page where users are redirected to after clicking on an ad.

Lifetime value (LTV)
A user’s interactions with an app their entire lifetime.

Location Based Services (LBS)
Customized message based on the whereabouts of the subscriber that provides the location of an interesting landmark or viewpoint.

Location Information
Data that a mobile marketer uses to identify the whereabouts of a mobile device via GPS for example.

Lock Screen Messages
When a user’s device is no longer active and turns to “sleep” mode.

An audio file encoded for mobile devices.

A table of options that can be accessed within an application.

The action of sending and receiving SMS or MMS messages.

Meta Description
A tag that describes a web site’s content.

Mobile Advertising
Any kind of advertising campaign that is communicated via mobile devices.

Mobile App
A software that runs on a mobile device.

Mobile Commerce (m-commerce)
Any type of commerce that can be done through a mobile device.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_commerce

Mobile Content
Any type of media content that can be accessed via a mobile device.

Mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Managing and improving app user’s relationship with the app’s provider.

Mobile Dating
A dating interaction through social media, communities, applications, etc.

Mobile Games
Games created for mobile devices that use the handset’s technology.

Mobile Greeting Card
A message that has predetermined message or the ability to add a custom one.

Mobile Marketer
Entities such as advertisers, aggregators, distributors, etc. within the mobile ecosystem.

Mobile Marketing
Activities that have to do with communicating and engaging with users in regards to a specific marketing campaign.

Mobile Marketing Program
Any kind of advertising program that is available via mobile devices.

Mobile Message
An SMS or MMS message sent to received by a handset.

Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions (MRAID)
The creation of mobile experiences.

Mobile Search
A search done from a mobile browser.

Mobile Shorts
Short videos created for mobile devices.

Mobile Station International ISDN Number (MSISDN)
A unique number that identifies a carrier’s wireless device within its network.

Mobile Subscriber
A user who opts in to a carrier’s wireless telecommunications services.

Mobile TV
A TV program that is fitted for and streamed on mobile devices.

Mobile Virtual Network Operator
A third party service provider that uses a carrier’s network capabilities.

Mobile Widget
A small mobile application.

A NewsCorp, Fox Broadcasting Company trademark of video content for mobile devices.

Mono Tone
An audio file that plays one musical note at a time.

Monthly Active Users (MAU)
The number of users that are using an application over a month.

MO/MT Billing
A mobile originated or mobile terminated service for billing operations.

Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG)
A video and audio file that can be transmitted on small bandwidth networks.

An MP3 audio format ringtone.

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
A message with embedded ads or media files.

Multiplayer Mobile Game
A mobile game that allows two or more players are one time to play together on site or off site via a networking system.

Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)
Music created in a digital format.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIDI

Near Field Communication (NFC)
A short-range wireless connectivity tech that enables communication between devices when they’re brought within a few centimeters of each other.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Near_field_communication

The organization that manages the common shortcodes’ directory and rents them via the CSCA.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)
A survey that shows the level of loyalty of users.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information (NPII)
Data retrieved with no end user contact information.

The collective information an entity gathers of a mobile user, including policies, practices, security, etc.

Number Portability
A legislation that allows users to keep their phone numbers if they decide to change the carrier provider they have.

OMA Download
A protocol that allows downloading content in a reliable way.

Offer Wall
A page within an app that offers rewards and incentives in exchange for spending money.

Off Portal
A sale point where users can get product or services outside the carrier’s deck.

Offer Based Ad
An advertisement that offers a discount on a product or service.

On Device Portal
A platform to access and update information on the user’s handset.

On Portal
A sale point where users can get product or services on the carrier’s deck.

Online Performance Marketing (OPM)
The retrieval of user information across websites to predict marketing trends and behavior.

Operator Assisted Chat Program
A chat system with a specialized person.

Operator Logo
The carrier’s logo displayed on a handset that can be changed by the user willingly.

To subscribe or unsubscribe to any given platform.

A way to distribute updates to mobile devices in order for to access WAP or MMS services.

Personal Identification Number (PIN)
A numbered password used to authenticate a user to a device or system.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_identification_number

PSMS Tariff
A premium billing dollar unit.

Page View
The number of times a WAP or web site was viewed by a user.

Paid Inclusion
To index a web site by paying a fee to a search engine.

Paid Placement
To have a sponsored listing by paying a fee to a search engine.

Partial MMS Ad
An MMS with an advertisement that the user opted into viewing.

Participation Television
The interaction of a TV broadcast with its viewers.

A user’s status in a chat service..

Pay-per Download
When a user is billed for a selected content or service.

The marketer’s net income.

Peer to Peer Chat
A two way interaction between non professional individuals.

The percentage of the total mobile phone users.

Permission Level
A user’s permission to receive advertising messages from a carrier.

Personalization Content
The handset’s items that can be customized by the user including wallpaper, tones, themes, etc.

A device that combines the size of a phone and a tablet.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phablet

Picture Message
A message that displays an image made out of QWERTY text.

The adverisement’s displayment within a publisher’s mobile conten.

Polyphonic Ringtone
A MIDI created audio file.

Post Roll
An advertisement streamed after a video clip on a mobile device.

Post-slide Full Screen Image
An advertisement that occupies the full screen of the device after an MMS message.

Potential Audience
The total number of users or devices that are reached by a site’s content.

To pay for use of a carrier’s telecommunication services in advance.

Pre-slide Full Screen Image
An advertisement that occupies the full screen of the device before an MMS message.

Predictive Text
An intelligent software that facilitates typing words on a keypad.

Premium Content
Content that can be accessed by a separate charge.

Premium Rate
Services that have special charges applied to a user’s bill.

Premium Short Message Service
A mechanism in which a user is billed a special charge.

Content or user’s status being not public.

Program Approval
A program that requires approval to provide a short code.

Promoted Ads
Marketing content that is paid to be at the top of a search result.

A provider of WAP sites and advertising via WAP sites.

Push/Pull Notification
A notification that appears on the home screen of a mobile device.

A handset’s standard text entry way that lets users type in words and form sentences.

Random Short Code
A sequence of numbers that is assigned to a company that uses short codes.

Real Time Streaming Protocol
A streaming media protocol that allows a user to control a video by inputting commands such as “play” or “pause”.

Really Simple Syndication
A format of web feeds to publish updated information such as on blogs.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS

The percentage of users that took advantage of a particular discount.

The action of sending a user to a new URL after clicking on a link.

The web site from which a user got redirected to a specific content.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_referer

A web site’s likelihood to be interesting or useful to a search engine user.

Reply Actions
A user’s response to an MMS message.

Response Capability
The means that a user’s device offers to respond.

Responsive Web Design (RWD)
A web design that is suited for mobile devices. The site is displayed according to the size of the device’s resolution.

Revenue Share
The splitting of income made by a mobile marketing program between the parties involved.

The audio a user listens when making a call (Mastertone, Polytone or a customized sound).

The audio a user listens when receiving a call (Mastertone, Polytone or a customized sound).

The ability of a handset to use networks of other mobile carriers.

A fee paid to the content provider to be used or repurposed.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
A process that goes over a website’s data in order to be shown in search engine providers.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_engine_optimization

SIM Toolkit
Additional tools to the handset providing new services by the carrier.

SMS Center
The service that manages SMS traffic within the carrier’s network.

SMS Chat
To interact with users within the SMS protocol.

SMS Tone
A sound that notifies that a user has received an SMS message.

An SMS that is displayed on a TV streaming service that can affect the program being aired.

Screen Characteristic
The pixel and color characteristics of the device’s screen.

The app’s version of a web site’s page.

Screen Flow
The tracking of the users movement’s throughout the app’s screens.

Screen Real Estate
The handset’s screen area that advertisers can use to place banners.

Screen Saver
A still or animated image that activates itself when the user is no longer actively using the device.

Screen Size
The handset’s display space, usually shown in pixels.

Search Engine Marketing
A marketing effort to increase a web site’s visibility in search engine result pages.

Secondary Keyword
A keyword used as a metrics’ gatherer or a geographic locator.

Second Screen
When interacting with two screens at the same time. TV and smartphone for example.

Series 60 phones
Nokia’s user interface that runs on Symbian OS.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S60_(software_platform)

Service Activation
The active status of a mobile service aprooved by a carrier.

Service Discovery
A way in which a user finds content of interest via online or offline.

Service Provider
An entity that helps using or disclosing Personally Identifiable Information or Non-Personally Identifiable Information on behalf of a Mobile Marketer.

When a user opens a mobile app.

Session Length
The amount of time an app has been opened by a user.

Session Interval
The time between the app’s has been closed and it’s opened again.

Shared Short code
A short number combination that is used to manage mobile services and marketing campaigns.

Short Code Program
A system that uses short code to opt in users.

Simple Messaging Service (SMS)
A text message shown on mobile devices.

Single Player Games
A game that is played by one player only.

Site Tagging
To add an advertisement tag to a WAP site to allow a mobile campaign management service to deliver ads to the site.

A handheld device that combines both a mobile phones system as well as computer features.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smartphone

Smishing (SMS phishing)
When a user is tricked into downloading a virus or malware onto a handset.

Stands for Social, Local, Mobile.

Social Media Marketing
A marketing method that uses social media networks.

Software Developer Kit (SDK)
A group of tools that developers can use to create apps or unlock features within an already created app.

Spending Cap Limits
A cap limit placed on a user’s subscription which can be billed by the carrier.

A program used to index mobile web content by search engines.
Also known as: Bot, robot.

Standard Rate
Normal text messaging charges.

Standard Rate Program
A carrier’s program that offers the user to opt in to it’s standard rate billing system.

The transmission of audio and video content over the internet.

Subscriber Identity Module (SIM)
A circuit chip inserted into a handset that holds the device’s information including its phone number, identification details, phone book, etc.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subscriber_identity_module

Subscriber Information
The mobile subscriber’s personal data including its Personally Identifiable Information and Non-Personally Identifiable Information.

A program in which content is accessed when a user subscribes to it.

Subscription Billing Renewal Message
A notice by which the user is informed about the renewal of a subscription program.

Subscription Period
The period of time that the subscription lasts.

Subscription Service
A service that offers mobile content for a charged fee.

An operating system for handsets.

Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language
A markup language to describe MMS messages.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synchronized_Multimedia_Integration_Language

A type of communication on real time with no delay.

Similar to a mobisode, except a tardisode was made for a UK program, Dr. Who, thus, is also a made-for-mobile program.

Various criteria to make the delivery of a mobile advertisement more precise (age, gender, geographical, day parting, household income, etc.).

Text Ad
An advertisement attached to a text.

Text Link
Highlighted, underlined and clickable texts with a link embedded.

The look a handset’s interface that can be customized by the user.

An application’s ability to handle a number of messages over a period of time.

Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA)
The sharing of a frequency by several users.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_division_multiple_access

Time in App
The amount of time a user has been actively involved with an app.

The process in which a mobile campaign can gather information on its performance.

To convert an multimedia ad into different formats supported by several handsets.

Triple Tap
A method in which a user can enter information through their mobile phone.

A phone that is not connected to a provider or carrier and can therefore be used with any SIM card.

UPC (Universal Product Code)
A code used to track products within a store.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Product_Code

URL (Uniform Resource Locator)
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uniform_Resource_Locator

User Behavior
How users respond to an app.

User Experience (UX)
The user’s thorough experience using an app or navigating a web site.

User Interface (UI)
The user’s dashboard or interface within a specific app or website.

User Segments
A shared user profile or behavior towards an app.

The CSCA web site where one can apply to receive short codes.

Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
A third generation mobile cellular system for networks based on the GSM standard.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UMTS_(telecommunication)

Unsolicited Messages
Messages that seek no approval upon being received by a subscriber.

The action of opting out of a subscription.

Value Added Service
An added value to a network service.

A digital business card.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VCard

Video Tone
An audio and video ringtone that sounds on the user’s handset upon receiving a call.

Viral Marketing
The increase of brand awareness via various marketing efforts.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viral_marketing

A web site’s presence in search engines.

A piece of graphic media that is displayed on headsets.

WAP Storefront
A third party mobile content web site.

Web Apps
Programs or softwares that can be used on the web. Some can be downloaded.

Web Storefront
A premium mobile content web site that enables to make multiple purchases.

White-Label Product
When a product or service provider offers its client to use its system as if it were theirs.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White-label_product

Wideband Code Division Multiple Access
A 3G technology that can transmit and receive data faster that CDMA.

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
A web site designed to be displayed on a mobile device.
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wireless_Application_Protocol

Wireless Markup Language (WML)
A markup language intended for devices that implement the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) specification
More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wireless_Markup_Language

Wearable Tech
A device that can be worn on one’s body. Some examples are Google Glass or smart watch.

Zero Rated Messaging
The payment being assumed by the marketer or brand instead of the mobile user.

Give them a reason to interact with your brand. (Call-to-Action)
Give them a way to interact with your brand. (QR code)
Reap the rewards. (Higher sales, more visibility, increased engagement, etc.)