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Save time having your QR code under watch. Find in one place all the functionalities that you need to improve your QR code campaign conversions. Redirect your QR code to new contents, perform batch actions, design your QR code, and more.

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Get all the tools you need to succeed with our dynamic QR code. Customize your codes’ appearance and make them stand out to receive more scans. Create a QR code with logo and add your brand to its URL to make it more you. Track performances to optimize results.

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QR Code KIT allows you to keep the same QR code but change the forwarding URL. Their customer service is second to none.”
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What is a QR code?

A QR code is a type of two-dimensional barcode that can be read using smartphones or dedicated QR reading devices. These codes store information in a machine-readable optical label, which can include text, URLs, or other data. QR codes have become popular for their ability to hold a significant amount of data and their ease of use.

How do QR code work?

QR code work by storing information in a two-dimensional pattern of black and white squares. When scanned, the device interprets the pattern using error correction techniques to retrieve the stored data. This data is then converted into a usable format such as a website URL, a QR code work, or a position on a map depending on the encoded information.

Will QR codes replace barcodes?

Yes, eventually QR codes will replace barcodes. QR code can easily store the information traditionally contained in a linear barcode. Starting in 2027, all reatailers will have to switch to 2D code scanners for checkout.

What is the minimum size of QR code?

The minimum size of QR code that we recommend is 3 cm x 3 cm (1 inch x 1 inch). If you’re not sure, err on the side of printing them larger rather than smaller.

What is the difference between static QR codes and dynamic QR codes?

The difference between static QR codes and dynamic QR codes is that you can’t change static QR codes once you create and print them. If you want to change the data in the QR code because you made a mistake, you’ll have to generate and reprint a new one. Dynamic QR code is nothing like that. You can change them in real-time as many times as you need.

How do I make a dynamic QR code?

Search for “dynamic QR code,” and you’ll find myriad choices. Not keen on going down the rabbit hole? 

Claim your 14-day free trial to our dynamic QR code generator, and let our 5-star rated Customer Success Team help you make the right decisions for your particular needs.

How do I make a QR code with logo?

You can make a QR code with logo on QR Code Kit, easily. You can actually completely customize your QR code: change colors, adjust the shape, insert an image, and, of course, embed a logo. You just have to upload your logo to our system: we recommend simple, icon-based logos to keep them readable also at small sizes. Read more about QR codes with logo.

Can a QR code have a different shape?

Traditionally, QR codes are square in shape as it allows for the most efficient use of space to store data. However, a QR code can have some stylistic modifications, such as rounded corners or embedded logos, while still remaining functional. It’s important to note that these modifications should be made carefully to not interfere with the readability of the code. Learn more about QR code customization.

How long do custom QR codes last?

Custom QR code last forever. Seriously! Custom QR code don’t expire. Remember that if you created a personalized QR with a QR code maker like QR Code Kit (we recommend dynamic a QR code since you can update them how many times you want and track your QRs), you would need a subscription to keep it working.

What are QR codes used for?

QR codes are used for a variety of purposes, primarily aimed at providing quick and effortless access to information.

They are commonly used in advertising to direct consumers to a website or app, in restaurants to provide menu QR code, in event tickets for easy entry, and in retail for product information or promotions.

They can also be used to encode contact information, Wi-Fi network details, or other types of data for easy sharing and access. See all QR code types available.

Are QR codes safe?

QR codes are completely safe if the QR code generator you choose to create them has taken the necessary steps to protect them and your data.

QR Code Kit complies with state-of-the-art security standards. We have GDPR-compliant data shielding, a cybersecurity team on the watch 24/7, and SSO login to add a protection layer to your account.

We have a continued >99% uptime supported by a server mirroring setup and daily backups, so you will hardly ever lose a scan with us.

When to use dynamic QR code?

Dynamic QR code is your only choice when you need the flexibility to update the content of your QR and adjust your campaigns based on actual results – everything without losing time and energy reapplying or reprinting the QR code designs.

Also, dynamic QR codes are the way to go when you need to have scan tracking information.

Do dynamic QR code expire?

Dynamic QR code don’t expire. They might be deactivated, though, if you don’t renew your subscription with the QR code generator with which you have created them. We suggest you try our well-established, safe, and reliable dynamic QR code solution, choosing the best subscription plan that fits your needs.

Are QR codes free?

Yes, QR codes are free to use and can be created online with QR generator. But free QR code is static, and usually, those platforms that provide dynamic QRs for free do it in exchange for displaying ads on your QRs. If you still want it free, choose a reliable solution that won’t be gone tomorrow and leave you hanging.

Are there free dynamic QR codes?

Yes, there are free dynamic QR codes. But honestly, you get what you pay for. Usually, a free dynamic QR code has advertising: you will either end up with a watermarked code that shows your provider’s brand or third-party ads. You only get a reliable solution when you choose the paid route. But it’s worth it in the long run.

How much is a dynamic QR code?

Our Starter plan with two dynamic QR codes is $4.95 a month, billed yearly. Our Standard plan with 100 dynamic QR codes is $14.95 per month, billed yearly (you save 20%). Our Professional plan with 1,000 dynamic QR codes, unlimited scans, and advanced analytics is $39.95 per month, billed yearly (you save 20%).

If you need more QR codes, you can enquire about our Enterprise plans.

You can check the details of all plans in our pricing page.

How do you make QR codes look cool?

You make QR codes look cool by customizing them. Apply your brand colors to the QR codes, or look for colors with good matching contrast. Add your logo in vector format and set it to take 30% of the QR size.

Use a plain white background with some space around the code, and frame it with your call-to-action. With our dynamic QR code generator you have access to QR design with all plans. Discover more about custom QR code.

What is the advantage of linking a QR code to a landing page?

QR code linked to landing pages can significantly improve user experience by providing immediate access to specific content, offers, or services tailored to the audience.

This seamless transition from scan to web page enhances engagement and can lead to higher conversion rates.

Why should businesses use QR codes on business cards?

Digital business card QR codes make sharing contact information effortless and digital. When scanned, these QR code can direct individuals to web pages that showcase professional profiles, contact details, or even a portfolio, ensuring that your new connections have everything they need to reach out or learn more about your work.

How does integrating a QR code with Google Analytics benefit my business?

Integrating a QR code with Google Analytics allows businesses to track scan statistics and analyze user engagement. This data provides insights into how customers interact with your QR code, enabling you to refine marketing tool, improve user experience, and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

How can scan statistics from QR codes improve my marketing strategies?

Analyzing scan statistics from your QR codes can provide valuable insights into customer behavior and campaign performance. By understanding which QR codes generate the most scans, you can identify what content resonates with your audience and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly for better results.

What considerations should be made when designing a QR code for a business card to ensure optimal scanning?

When designing a digital business card QR code, ensure the QR code is clearly visible and not too small to scan. Maintain a balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality by choosing contrasting colors and a simple design that doesn’t overshadow the QR code’s scannability. Additionally, testing the QR code on various devices before printing is crucial to ensure compatibility and ease of use.

How can I generate multiple QR codes at once with QR Code KIT?

With QR Code KIT, you can effortlessly creating QR codes in bulk, perfect for businesses or events needing numerous codes quickly.

Our platform supports bulk generation, allowing you to produce a wide range of QR codes simultaneously, streamlining your workflow and saving valuable time.

What is the maximum number of QR codes I can create with QR Code KIT?

The number of QR codes you can create with QR Code KIT varies based on your subscription plan. Our plans are designed to meet different needs, ranging from a Starter plan that includes up to 2 QR codes, to our Professional and Enterprise plans that can accommodate the creation of more than 1,000 QR Ccdes, ensuring scalability for your business or project.

Can QR codes function if they are partially damaged?

Yes, a partially damaged QR code may still be operational thanks to built-in error correction capabilities. This means that even if a QR code is slightly damaged or obscured, there’s a good chance it can still be scanned successfully. However, the extent of recoverability depends on the level of damage and the error correction level used when creating the QR code.

Is it possible to have a QR code in white?

QR codes are typically black on a white background for maximum contrast and scannability. However, the colors can be inverted (white on a dark background) as long as there is sufficient contrast for scanners to read the code. It’s crucial to test the scannability of inverted QR codes across different devices and lighting conditions.

What does it mean to have a QR code in vector format?

A QR code in vector format means the code is created as a scalable vector graphic (SVG), allowing it to be resized without losing quality. Vector QR codes are ideal for printing purposes because they can be scaled to fit any size from small cards to large billboards while remaining sharp and scannable.

What is the maximum data capacity of a QR code?

A QR code’s data capacity varies based on the QR code type of data encoded and the version used. It can store up to 3,000 alphanumeric characters, providing ample space for URLs, text, or other information. For numerical data, a QR code can hold up to 7,089 characters.

Is there a limit to how many times a QR code can be scanned with QR Code KIT?

With QR Code KIT, the number of scans per QR code varies by subscription plan. Our plans range from 10,000 scans per month to unlimited scans, accommodating various needs from small projects to large-scale deployments, ensuring you never miss a scan.

Have QR codes become obsolete?

Far from being a thing of the past, QR codes continue to evolve and find new applications in our increasingly digital world. Their usage has expanded, particularly in areas like contactless payments, marketing, and information sharing, proving their enduring relevance and utility.