Menu QR code for hotels: Simplified services

Elevate your hotel's guest experience with our Menu QR code for hotels. Offer easy access to all services through a single QR scan, streamlining convenience and enhancing satisfaction.
menu qr code for hotels

Create a menu QR code for hotels in less than 3 minutes

Perfect for hotels that have multiple services like spas, restaurants, fitness programs and other specialty services.

Upload all your menus

Upload up to 10 PDF or image files to the same QR code. That means you can have your room service menu, your spa menu, your fitness programs menu and menus for any other services you offer like childcare or security all in one convenient location.

Print out your QR code

Once you’ve created your menu QR code for hotels, print that beautiful code out. We have a variety of file formats to choose from and we’ll gladly help you pick the right one.

Impress your guests

Once you’ve printed your code, place it where your guests can see it. Like, go nuts and put EVERYWHERE! Put it on your room key cards, in your rooms, at reception, on your marketing materials and everywhere else your guests will see it. Even put it on the bottom of the pool!

menu qr code for hotels

Be one of the thousands of hotels that use contactless QR codes to make their guests’ stay better.

Helping you help your guests

Reusable QR codes

Our QR codes are dynamic. That means you can edit their content as many times as you need to without having to reprint the code. Recycle them a thousand times if you want! If your menus change, simply delete the old one from your QR code and upload the new one.

10 PDFs per code

Upload as many as 10 PDF (or image file) menus for each Menu QR code. Give your guests access to all your available services. Food, drinks, desserts, spa services, fitness classes, specialty services, childcare, pool hours, anything you can think of. Include it all!

WhatsApp Orders

Let your guests place orders and bookings through WhatsApp by linking your WhatsApp account to your QR code. Scan and order. Your guests will love the convenience!

PayPal payment

Connect your Hotel Menu QR code to your PayPal or Stripe account and give your guests the option of paying for services separate from their hotel room. You make their lives easier, they come back to your hotel. It’s QR code science!

Google reviews

Join your Google My Business page to your Hotel Menu QR code and gather valuable Google reviews from customers right from your QR code. Good reviews help your Google ranking! Easy SEO! Reviews are the modern equivalent to word-of-mouth advertising.


Use icons and emojis in your Hotel Menu QR code to make it easy for everyone to know what you’re offering, no matter what language they speak. (We all speak emoji, right?)


We can help you create your Hotel Menu QR code if you like. We’ll even set it all up and send it to you ready-to-use if you prefer. Our No. 1 goal is to help you create an amazing experience for your guests.

Start for as low as $5 a month

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Often update your menus? No problem!

The Hotel Menu QR code is a dynamic code, which means you can always use the same one no matter how often you need to update your menus. You will never need to reprint it. All you do is log into your account, delete any versions of your menus you don’t need anymore and upload the new versions. That’s it! Now every printed version of your dynamic QR code is up to date.

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Contactless hotel menus are safer for everyone.

Your guests are now hyper aware about what they touch and how many other guests have touched the various surfaces in your business. Anytime you can decrease the amount of contact they have to make with a surface, that’s a good thing. Using contactless Hotel Menu QR codes means guests only need to touch their own phones to get access to all your various hotel menus. Peace of mind for your guests and less disinfecting for your employees. Everybody wins!

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Customize your codes!

You don’t have to settle for an anonymous black and white QR code (unless you want that). With our codes, the sky’s the limit when it comes to customization. Add your logo, your brand colors and even your brand name to the short URL. Switch up the shape of the code and make it completely yours so your guests easily recognize it. More recognition means more scans!
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Use the accompanying short URL for digital promotion. Clicking or tapping it works the same as scanning the code.

Contactless QR code menus are essential for places like hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars ever since COVID popped up. Everyone wants to get back to going out, but they want to be careful. No contact QR codes help with that.

Our new normal requires new behavior and that includes how we interact with each other.

Along with social distancing, avoiding contact with objects that the general public touches a lot (like menus) is crucial. Paper and plastic menus that get touched by thousands of people are going to be replaced by contactless ways of ordering and paying for products and services.

Why not be at the forefront of the new normal instead of playing catch up?

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Let us help you!

QR codes can be overwhelming if you’re not used to working with them. Do you have a printed menu that you want to make digital? Contact us via chat, and we’ll help you to upload it to a dynamic QR code. It will take 5 minutes, tops!

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Create your digital menu today

In only 3 minutes, all your menus will be accessible from a QR code, using any smartphone. And you can give customers the option to order using WhatsApp, pay using PayPal or Stripe and review your business on Google Reviews all from the same code!