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Create dynamic QR codes massively with our most powerful Enterprise plan. Track QR projects with professional analytics. Manage multi-user teams. Increase security with SSO (Single-Sign-On) login.

Enterprise Plan

Discover the Enterprise plan: engineered for the most demanding corporate needs.

Our Enterprise plan is the stress-tested QR solution that
meets the goals and requirements of large organizations
and enables intense QR usage in general. Loved by both
marketers and IT departments worldwide.



With a continued >99% uptime supported by a server mirroring setup and daily backups, you will hardly ever lose a scan
with QR Code KIT



State-of-the-art security standards. GDPR-compliant data shielding. A 24/7 cybersecurity team. And SSO login to add a protection layer to your account.

Automagical QR codes


Bulk-generate a dynamic QR code without a single line of code. Or automate QR operations altogether and become a QR code generator with our flexible API.

Serving over 125,292,746 QR code scans and counting since 2009

Trusted by Fortune 100 companies and over 350,000 brands worldwide.

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Get much more than a great QR code generator with an Enterprise plan

On top of fantastic features like 1000s of dynamic QR codes available, unlimited visits to your codes, and projects to organize your campaigns and keep your QRs tidy, your company will gain access to all of these exclusive functionalities with an Enterprise plan:

SSO (Single-Sign-On) login

Enterprise users on QR Code KIT can set up SSO (Single-Sign-On) login to add an extra layer of security to their accounts. SSO allows businesses to provide unique, centrally-managed credentials to access to all team members. And when someone changes assignments or leaves the company, admins can deactivate their login credentials easily.

No more recycled passwords! Our SSO login is a leak- and mistake-proof solution for advanced QR users and large organizations.


Bulk QR code generator

Generate a large number of similar QR codes all at the same time, with a single action. It’s the magical solution for digital business cards at big companies, mass product packaging, catalogs, marketing promotions, and much more.

Bulk QR code generator
Easy to update

QR code generator API

We offer both static and dynamic QR code APIs to generate massive amounts of codes outside our platform (think QRs on tickets or coupons), automate QR creation with custom design and logo, and update their content all at once.


Custom domain

With our white label option, you can completely mask the system-generated short URL attached to your QRs and make it look like it comes from your domain: The ultimate branding solution that also reassures your visitors.

Start scaling your QR operations today!

Our QR experts are available now to walk
you through the magic of the Enterprise plan for big
companies and corporations.

Personalized short URLs

You can also edit the last part of your QR codes’ short URL: It’s perfect for marketing campaigns, product entries in a catalog, seasonal menus, team member profiles, events in a public program, you name it!

Team collaboration

Add users to your account and assign them to one or more campaigns. Allow team members from different departments to manage specific projects, keeping everything tidy and under control. Admins can change users’ privileges at any time.

Add-on features and on demand solutions

Enterprise plan users have early access to the most innovative QR functionalities that we constantly design and build in our R&D labs. Any specific requests? Let’s talk about it! We can custom-make it for you, tailored to your unique needs.

QR code GPS tracking

Improve the accuracy of your scans’ geolocation up to a 10-meter range with our amazing GPS tracking-enabled QR codes. QR code GPS tracking is incredible to monitor items on the move (products, vehicles, parcels, etc.) and to define geo-fenced areas where the QRs can – or cannot – be scanned (ideal for local campaigns, scavenger hunts, employees’ check-ins and check-outs, and much more).

QR Code GPS tracking

The Enterprise plan in a nutshell

> 1,000 dynamic QR codes available
Unlimited visits
Advanced QR analytics and design
Create recyclable design templates
Create projects to keep your QRs organized
your QR shortlinks
Use custom domains for your QR codes
Bulk-generate large amounts of QRs
Automate QR creation with our QR APIs
Enable SSO (Single-Sign-On) login
Get advanced technical support (also by phone)
Access add-ons and on demand solutions