How to make a Facebook event QR code

Facebook’s endeavor to allow all its users to interact with each other is as strong as ever. The basics are there and they are easy to use and jump into, such as creating fan pages and groups, and sharing multimedia content. Businesses can even get Facebook ads and set up polls. Learn how to create a Facebook event QR code.
facebook event QR code

One thing that is worth noting as well is Facebook Events. You can create your own event and invite your friends! And Facebook, being a strong advocate of new technologies, has also added the ability to share your event via facebook event QR code’.

How can you create a QR Code for your Facebook Event?

First of all, you need to create a Facebook Event. You can access the option from your Facebook profile or fan page.

Step 1: Create your Facebook Event

Click on “Events” and then on “+ Create event”. If the option is not available, it may be hidden within the dropdown menu that reads “More” right next to the “Information” and “Photos” tabs.

Once you create the event, you can name it, set when it starts and ends, where it will take place, which can be seen on a map, add a banner and photos, and contact information.

Events range from birthday parties, press conferences, special presentations and more. Meaning that you can spread the word of whatever you want to host and invite people and friends.

Step 2: Create a Facebook event QR code

After that’s done, to create the QR code, click on the three dots that are next to the “Edit” button and a dropdown menu will appear with the “Create QR Code” option ready to be used.

facebook event qr code

Step 3: Print the QR Code for your Facebook Event

Having created your Facebook Event QR code you can then print it and have it shown in special places for your targeted audience to scan. Being at your workplace, classroom or store, people will be inclined to scan the QR code with their mobile devices in order to get all the details of your hosted event.

How can a Facebook Event QR Code help you?

Although you can invite your friends by using the standard option, having a QR code is an active way to engage with your targeted audience.

Call to actions are a much more efficient means to entice users to interact than by simply waiting for them to join your event, post a comment or share your content.

Plus, QR codes have the added value of “unlocking” special content. This may come as an obvious statement, but people, most often than not, scan QR codes to unveil what lies behind it. In other words, where does the QR code link to.

Keeping your invite simple yet providing more information via a QR code will boost your invitees to sign in and interact with you and other friends invited.

Finally, by having your own Facebook Event QR code, you can spread the word on the physical world while doing so on the digital one! Interaction is not just meant to be had online but offline as well. A QR codes can bridge that gap instantly… and freely!

What else should you know about Facebook and QR Codes?

Facebook Event QR codes are one of many uses the social media network has found to integrate QR technology to its platform.

For instance, your Facebook avatar can hold a QR code. You can generate a special code linked to your website or digital business card, and then upload it as your profile or fan page picture for your viewers to scan it.

facebook avatar

Then there are the newly introduced Facebook Messenger codes that allow businesses to have special codes associated to their profiles in order for potential clients to get information from bots while on the Messenger app.

When you come to think of it, Facebook’s use of QR codes comes as no surprise. The technology is a very respected and trusted tool that connects people to special content. And if the number one social network is introducing them to its user base, why wouldn’t you want to try and implement them to your personal endeavor?