Lay’s uses’s QR codes for some tasty ads!

I presume I’m not the only fan of Lay’s chips. They sure are the number one snacks to have at a party. May be it has to do with their shape, their flavor or even the way they crunch in your mouth… I sure have to have some before I carry on with this article.

Unlocking flavorful experiences with Lay’s: how QR codes revolutionize snack engagement

In a deliciously innovative move, the Spanish branch of PepsiCo Foods, the renowned snack company, has harnessed the power of QR codes through to entice snack enthusiasts and promote their vibrant Spanish Facebook fan page. Let’s explore how Lay’s, a household name in the world of chips, is using QR codes to create a new dimension of engagement and flavor discovery.

Delving into chip history: Lay’s Facebook fan page

The Lay’s Facebook page serves as a virtual gateway for fans to delve into the rich history of these beloved chips. From exploring the various chip formats and packaging to unveiling exciting new features like the easy-close strap, which ensures your chips stay as flavorful as the moment you opened the bag, Lay’s provides a comprehensive chip-centric experience.

Interactive engagement: sharing snack stories

But it doesn’t stop at chip history and convenience. Lay’s is all about fostering a community of chip lovers. By connecting customers with their Facebook fan page via QR codes, Lay’s encourages snack enthusiasts to share their experiences through photos, videos, and comments. This interactive platform not only enhances customer engagement but also allows PepsiCo Foods to gather valuable insights to improve and innovate their products.

QR codes: a recipe for success in the food industry

While Lay’s is making waves with QR codes, they are far from being the first in the food industry to leverage this technology. Brands like Giovanni Rana and Del Monte have also found remarkable success. Giovanni Rana, for instance, used QR codes to tantalize taste buds with their finest products, culinary heritage, recipes, and even culinary secrets. Meanwhile, Del Monte’s pirate-themed pineapple promotion, featuring QR code-driven sweepstakes, awarded winners with a golden treasure.


Demystifying QR codes: they’re alive and thriving

Lay’s adoption of QR codes serves as a compelling reminder that even the most iconic brands recognize the immense potential of QR codes in expanding their product reach and fostering deeper connections with consumers. Far from being obsolete, QR codes continue to flourish as a versatile and interactive tool. Lay’s is a prime example of how a simple QR code can spark a cascade of engagement among snack lovers, reaffirming the enduring relevance of this technology.

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