QR codes for Salone del Mobile: A designers’ and brands’ guide to connecting through 3D experiences

QR codes for Salone del Mobile


As one of the most anticipated events of year’s event and in the design world, Salone del Mobile in Milan represents an unparalleled opportunity for designers and brands to showcase their latest innovations. With the design industry evolving rapidly, incorporating digital technologies to enhance physical exhibitions has become crucial. This guide suggests ways for participants to bridge the digital and physical realms, focusing on creating immersive 3D experiences that captivate and engage attendees.

Harnessing the power of QR codes for enhanced connectivity

QR codes for Salone del Mobile: The gateway to a world of design

QR codes for Salone del Mobile are emerging as the linchpin in the evolution of this iconic trade fair into a digitally enhanced experience. These compact, versatile tools are revolutionizing how attendees interact with the exhibition space, offering a direct conduit to a vast array of digital content.

By scanning a dynamic QR code, visitors can unlock an immersive journey into the design world, from exploring the exhibitor catalogue to diving into augmented reality experiences that bring the latest trends in contemporary design to life.

Integrating QR codes for Salone del Mobile experience transforms the event from just an exhibition to a sophisticated digital experience. This seamless integration allows for a deeper exploration of the design world, enabling attendees to draw inspiration from a vast selection of products displayed by exhibiting companies.

Moreover, QR codes streamline the purchasing process, allowing visitors to transition smoothly from inspiration to acquisition.

Maximizing engagement with augmented reality and QR codes

Without a centralized digital platform for Salone del Mobile, the spotlight turns to augmented reality (AR) and QR codes as essential tools for designers and brands to digitally enrich their exhibit experiences. AR allows attendees to interactively visualize products in their own personal areas and spaces, transforming the way designs are presented and experienced. This immersive technology bridges the gap between conceptual design and actual purchase decisions, providing a personalized viewing experience beyond traditional methods.

QR codes unlock these augmented experiences and other digital content, offering instant access to detailed product information, designer profiles, and virtual showroom tours. This detailed information not only enhances the visitor experience but also offers valuable insights into customer preferences. Additionally, QR codes can streamline interactions within the exhibition, like stand check-ins and content access, marrying the physical and digital aspects of Salone del Mobile into a cohesive, engaging journey through contemporary design.

By adopting AR and QR codes, participants can forge a sophisticated digital presence that complements their physical showcases, engaging audiences in innovative ways and demonstrating a commitment to the digital evolution of the design world.

Maximizing engagement with augmented reality and QR codes

Creating immersive 3D and AR experiences

Augmented reality: Bringing designs to life

Augmented reality has the potential to transform the way designs are presented and experienced at Salone del Mobile. By adopting AR solutions, designers can offer visitors a unique opportunity to see how furniture and decor items would look in their own spaces, making the exhibition more personal and impactful.

RealityMAX: A solution for immersive experiences

One innovative digital platform that designers and brands at Salone del Mobile should consider is RealityMAX. This platform specializes in creating lifelike AR experiences, allowing users to interact with 3D models of products in real-time. Integrating RealityMAX into your exhibition strategy can significantly enhance how your designs are perceived, providing an immersive experience that bridges the gap between the physical product and its digital potential.

RealityMAX: A solution for immersive experiences

Strategies for engaging digital and physical audiences

Virtual showrooms and digital twins

Creating virtual showrooms or digital twins of physical exhibition spaces offers a way for those unable to attend in person to experience the design offerings virtually. This approach not only expands your audience but also serves as a sustainable alternative to traditional exhibitions, reducing the environmental impact associated with travel and physical setups.

Interactive digital events

Complementing the physical exhibition with digital events, such as live-streamed tours, Q&A sessions, and interactive workshops, can further engage both physical and virtual attendees. These events encourage active participation and can be accessed globally, ensuring that your presence at Salone del Mobile resonates beyond the physical event.

Bridging the gap: Digital and physical worlds at Salone del Mobile

Augmented reality: A sophisticated digital experience

At the heart of the Salone del Mobile platform lies augmented reality (AR), a technology that exemplifies the sophisticated digital experience the event offers. AR brings the digital and physical realms to coexist, allowing attendees to visualize products within their own environments. This innovative tool is more than just a feature; it’s a bridge connecting the tangible and intangible, offering a glimpse into the future of digital platform marks the design world.

The Salone del Mobile platform leverages AR to enhance the exhibition space, turning it into a dynamic environment where virtual space and physical elements blend seamlessly. This approach not only enriches the visitor experience but also provides exhibitors with a unique avenue to showcase their products, making Salone del Mobile a must-visit event for anyone passionate about design.

Augmented reality: A sophisticated digital experience

Digital realms: Expanding the horizons of design

The digital realms of Salone del Mobile extend beyond the exhibition space, offering virtual experiences and favourite content that speak to the heart of design enthusiasts. These digital events, accessible through the official Salone del Mobile platform, allow visitors to engage with the design world from anywhere, at any time. From virtual showrooms to digital discussions, the platform offers a year-round destination for those looking to stay at the forefront of design trends.

The introduction of these new digital platform and realms represents a cautious emergence into a new era of design exhibitions, where the physical and virtual experiences are not competitors but complementary elements. This hybrid approach not only caters to the diverse preferences of the general public but also serves as a business tool for companies, enabling them to reach a broader audience and engage with clients more effectively.

Future trends: The hybrid model of exhibitions

As the design industry looks towards the future, the hybrid model that combines physical exhibitions with digital enhancements is emerging as a leading trend. This model allows designers and brands to reach wider audiences, offer more engaging and interactive experiences, and adapt to the changing landscape of global events.

Future trends: The hybrid model of exhibitions

Embracing sustainability through digital innovations

Digital innovations not only enhance the visitor experience but also offer companies a path toward more sustainable exhibition practices. By reducing the need for physical materials and minimizing travel through virtual engagement, designers can contribute to a more sustainable future for the industry.


For designers and brands participating in Salone del Mobile, embracing digital technologies to create immersive 3D and AR experiences represents a significant opportunity. By integrating platforms like RealityMAX, leveraging QR codes for interactive content, and exploring virtual showrooms, the design community can connect with audiences in unprecedented ways.

This guide serves as a starting point for those looking to bridge the gap between hybrid world of the physical and digital, offering suggestions that can elevate your presence at the world’s premier design event. As we move forward, the fusion of digital and physical realms will undoubtedly continue to shape the future of design exhibitions, making now the perfect time to explore these innovative possibilities.