uQR.me becomes QR Code KIT: The evolution of QR solutions

The quest for seamless integration between the real world and digital content is paramount in a rapidly advancing digital age. Since 2009, uQR.me has stood as a beacon in this realm, pioneering as the first dynamic QR code generator. Today, we're thrilled to evolve into QR Code KIT, building upon our legacy while introducing innovative enhancements.
uQR.me becomes QR Code KIT

What is uQR.me?

Established in 2009, uQR.me has been a groundbreaking platform in the digital engagement realm, heralded as the pioneer of dynamic QR code generation.

The name, an abbreviation for “You Quick Response Me,” encapsulated the brand’s essence: creating instantaneous and innovative connections between people, businesses, and digital content.

For over a decade, uQR.me has not only facilitated the creation of QR codes but has also led the way in allowing users to customize, measure, and optimize these codes for enhanced engagement.

Its commitment to bridging the real-world and online spaces made uQR.me a trusted name for businesses and individuals alike.


Tracing back to the genesis

When uQR.me was birthed, the vision was clear: to provide a leading solution to connect digital content with the real world.

It wasn’t just about QR codes but about making dynamic QR codes available to anyone. As a dynamic QR code generator, uQR.me facilitated users to create, measure, and track dynamic QR codes, effectively enabling offline-to-online audience engagement.

Over time, countless dynamic QR code projects were launched, and users are getting millions of visits to their QR content.

QR Code KIT: The future of QR engagement

Enter QR Code KIT. While maintaining the core essence of uQR.me, QR Code KIT represents the epitome of QR code solutions.

Our enhanced platform allows you to generate dynamic QRs and offers detailed metrics to track dynamic QR codes.

QR engagement

Akin to a toolkit, QR Code KIT users have access to diverse functionalities: from creating QR codes for websites, vCards, forms, and emails, to connecting digital content for increased audience engagement and optimizing dynamic QR code projects. Plus, for those YouTube enthusiasts, integrating videos becomes a breeze.

Questions you might have about dynamic QR codes

Where is my QR scanner on my iPhone?

On iPhones, the QR scanner is conveniently integrated into the camera app. Simply open the camera, point it at a QR code, and a notification will pop up to redirect you.

iPhone scanner

Can I create my own QR code?

Absolutely! With QR Code KIT, you can create personalized QR codes tailored to your needs for business or personal use.

create QR code

How do I create a QR code for my iPhone?

Creating a QR code for your iPhone is easy. Log into your QR Code KIT account, select the content type you wish to connect (website link, file download, YouTube video, etc.), and generate your QR code. It’s ready to be scanned by any iPhone or smartphone.

How to get a QR code?

Dive into a 14 day free trial and join in with QR Code KIT. Create, track, and measure your QR codes with ease. Plus, enjoy the vast resources, from tutorials to customer support.

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Join us in this QR revolution

QR Code KIT is not just a new name. It’s a testament to how far QR technologies have come and how uQR.me has been at the forefront of these innovations.

We’re rated 5 stars by actual customers and stand by our commitment to offer nothing short of excellence. Whether you’re looking to log data, create dynamic QR campaigns, or simply generate a QR code for personal use, QR Code KIT is your one-stop QR solution.

Give our platform a try! Opt for a free trial and join the myriad of users who trust our service.

Join us in this QR revolution