Google maps QR code: Guide customers

Boost your visibility with our Google Maps QR code. A simple scan directs potential customers straight to your location, making it effortless for them to find your business or event.
google maps qr code

Open a new store? Link it to a Google Maps QR code!

Let your customers and potentials find you exactly where you are! Give them a Google Maps QR code and drive traffic to store!

google maps QR code

Google Maps QR code

Never worry about guests not being able to find your place again. Use a Google Maps QR code to give them a simple way to find your business or event. One simple scan to show your audience right where you are!
Google maps

How does a Google Maps QR code work?

You enter your address into the QR code and when someone scans the code, it opens the Google Maps app on their phone and shows them your location. (Or, if they don’t have Google Maps, it shows them a landing page with a Google Map embedded into it.)

There’s no need for customers to type in any addresses. It’s as simple as scan-and-go.
How to make a website QR code

Make it easy for ‘em

Connecting a QR code to Google Maps makes it super easy for visitors to find your location. There is no need to look for an address and fumble around typing it in. It’s just an effortless scan to open Google Maps and get directions right to your doorstep.
Display Creativity

Display your creativity

Invite guests to scan your Google Maps QR code by making it stand out. Use your brand name in the shortened URL, paint it with your brand colors and slap your brand logo on it to show everyone how creative you are. A snazzier code means more scans. (It’s QR science.)

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Supercharge your campaigns

Your code has all kinds of useful information to share with you. For example, it tells you how many times visitors scanned it, when they scanned it and where they were when they scanned it. You can use this plethora of information to improve your campaigns.

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Okay, I’m sold. How do I make one?

First off, you have to find a QR code generator. By the way, have we mentioned yet that is a QR code generator? Register for a free trial with us or if you have an account already (yay!) log into your account and follow these steps:

  • Click “Create QR code.”
  • Select “Google Maps” as the type.
  • Put in your address.
  • Click “Save and Apply Changes”

And that is it. That’s all it takes.
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Can I do anything else with the code?

You can do so much more with your QR code!

For example, you can:

  • Add your brand’s logo and coloring.
  • Put your brand name into the shortened URL.
  • Download your code in different file formats.
  • Protect it with a password if you need to.
  • Connect your code to your Google Analytics account.

Create landing page templates for your codes and more.

Why use a Google Maps QR code?

brand recognition

Bring people in

People will be more likely to scan your code if it looks inviting. Dress it up with your brand colors. Shine it up with your logo. Spruce it up with your brand’s name in the shortened URL. Make it your own and bring those visitors to you.

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Boost campaign numbers

Your Google Maps QR code has info to share with you; not just any info, but super useful info! It can show you the stats about how many times your code was scanned, where it was scanned, etc., sending people right to your doorstep. 


Keep things flexible

Has your business moved? Not a problem. A dynamic QR code can be edited at any time. If your business moves, just put in a new address. If you’re hosting another event at a different place, just input the updated address. Edit it as many times as you need to.

print QR

Print perfection

Your code is available in a bunch of high definition formats that look good no matter where you share them. You can make them as big as a house if you like or as small as a postage stamp (1×1 inch or 3×3 cm). If you need some help picking out the perfect format, let us know. Helping is our hobby.