Landing page QR code: Engage your audience

Captivate your audience with our Landing Page QR code. Link to unique content on a custom landing page, enhancing engagement and visitor interaction with just a scan.
Landing Page qr code

Showcase your creativity with a landing page QR Code

From FMCG to freelancers, this type of QR code has endless possibilities.

landing page qr code

Landing page QR code

When you need a QR code for a highly specific purpose, choose a landing page QR code and customize it for whatever you need.

Your visitors scan the code and they immediately see whatever content you want them too. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s a fabulous way of getting your audience to see your unique content.

Man sitting creating a QR Code

How does a landing page QR code work?

You use our text editor to create a customized landing landing page and when a visitor scans the code, they are taken to the page you’ve created. A simple scan is all it takes to get them from code to content quickly and easily.
When your audience scans this type of QR code, it opens a page that you have created. Landing page QR codes are fully customized by YOU.

Create your own by inserting:

  • a piece of text,
  • links,
  • images,
  • embedded videos, and more.

You can edit your text’s appearance by changing its font, choosing its color, adding bullet points, etc. As if that weren’t enough, if you have coding skills, you can also edit the entire content by viewing it as HTML.

Responsive coupon QR code

Resposive by default

Aside from that but not less important, Landing page QR codes are mobile responsive by default. This means that you will not have to add some extra strings of code to display the content correctly across all devices (smartphones, tablets, desktops).

Having all of these options at your disposal will definitely help you create a robust and unique landing page for your dynamic QR code. Robust in the sense that you will be able to insert multiple pieces of content rather than one. Unique since you will be able to customize it to your heart’s content.

QR code share

Share your amazing and unique content

Make it as smooth as possible for your audience to get to the unique content you have created. It only takes seconds to go from scanning the code to viewing your landing page and taking action.

Branded QR code

Beautify your QR code with your brand guidelines

  • Brand the shortened URL.
  • Add your brand’s colors.
  • Put in your brand’s logo.

Hey, that’s one gorgeous QR code you’ve got there!

Youtube Campaigns

Get actionable insights with powerful data

Track the highly useful data you get from your code so you can consistently improve your campaigns. See the times of day, the places and how many times they were scanned. Then, use the data to improve your campaigns.
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How do I make one of these amazing QR codes?

To make a landing page QR code, you’ll need a dynamic QR code generator. We recommend

Register with us for a completely free trial or, if you already have an account, please log in and follow these steps:

  • Click “Create QR code.”
  • Select “Landing page” as the type.
  • Use the text editor to create your page.
  • Click “Save and Apply Changes”

Finished! That’s how easy it is to make a landing page QR code.

If you are a whiz with code, you can open the HTML editor and customize the page to your satisfaction.

QR code insights

What else can I do with this type of code?

Add your branding to it and adapt it to fit your requirements.
  • Make it your own with your brand’s colors and logo.
  • Put your brand name into the shortened URL.
  • Download it in a variety of file formats.
  • Password protect it, if you want.
  • Connect the code to your Google Analytics account.
  • Add a redirect page with a branded message to it.

Create a landing page template to use for your codes if you like and do so much more.

Why use a landing page QR code?

brand recognition

Show off brand uniqueness

Edit the shortened URL to include your brand’s name. Put your logo right into the code. Change the code’s colors to your brand’s colors. Use your code to help spread brand awareness.

Register for a free trial

Measure success

Dynamic landing page QR codes provide you with a myriad of information, including times and locations of scans and the frequency of scans. This information can help you design marketing strategies for the codes.


Use flexibility

Edit the landing page the code points to or change the type of code altogether. Your code is absolutely flexible. You never need to worry about making a mistake again. Just edit the code and you’re on your way.

print QR

Print perfection

Print your code in a bevy of high definition formats that look fabulous regardless of the size or medium. Share your landing page code in the best looking formats. Please ask us for assistance if you need some help. We’re all about that customer service.