QR codes for government services

Whether municipal, regional or national, QR codes for government help institutions serve citizens by making information more accessible for them.
qr codes for government

Get inspired by these various ways of using
QR codes for government services to make life easier for citizens

qr codes for government

Bridge the gap with QR codes for government services

QR codes for government are a helpful way to convey information to residents at any level, especially for local councils. Because of their dynamic nature, QRcodeKit.com’s QR codes can be used and reused without the need to reprint them.

See how you can use QR codes for government and maintain a healthy, informed democracy

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Easily share info

Provide crucial information to the public by using a landing page QR code. This code comes with a completely customizable mobile page that you can edit into virtually anything you like. Use text, photos, video, links and lists to turn the attached mobile page into a treasure trove of information for residents.


Digitize your networking

Networking is a highly important part of any government employee’s job. That’s why QR codes for government with a digital business card QR code are such a great fit for government organizations. Print them on all employees’ business cards and with a quick scan, their contact details can be saved in anyone’s phone. If an employee’s information changes, simply sign into your QRcodeKit.com account and update the info on the back end. Use the short URL in email signatures. Clicking or tapping it works the same as scanning the code.

Most government branches have dozens or even hundreds of employees, so giving them all a digital business card QR code would be prohibitively difficult if it weren’t for QRcodeKit.com’s batch actions. Using a batch action, you can upload a CSV file with all your employees’ information and create digital business card QR codes for all of them at once. Now that’s efficient!

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Collect feedback

Listening to the voices of constituents is imperative so you know if a policy is working or what issues you need to focus on next. A website QR code connected to an online survey can be a fantastic way to collect feedback from residents. They can scan the code and complete the survey on their own time. You can even reuse your code for multiple surveys by switching out the link. Find out what residents are really thinking.


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Give people advice

Residents can feel lost sometimes between different offices and procedures, without proper directions. Make sure they are fully informed with QR codes for governemtn with a file download QR code that connects to a PDF explaining all the documents they require and all the rules they’ll need to follow. You can also use an MP3 file if you think people would be more receptive to listening to the information. Many different types of file can be used in the Download File QR code, as long as the files are a maximum size of 10 MB. If you need to change or update the file, simply upload a new one. The code stays the same.

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Educate citizens

Government policies and issues affecting residents can be convoluted. Make things easy to understand with a YouTube QR code that links to a video explaining the entire issue or policy so everyone can understand it better. If it’s really complicated, link the code to your YouTube channel and explain it over multiple videos. It’s as simple as: scan, watch, comprehend.

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Show them where and how

If there is a major development happening somewhere in the area that residents need to know about, show them the exact location with a Google Maps QR code. Maybe your city is trying to decide where to put a new arena and there are a few different possible locations. Include in printed materials a Google Maps QR code with all the various locations pinned so residents can scan it and instantly see where the proposed locations are.

Let’s say you have the location for your arena chosen and now you have signs up there promoting the new development. QR codes for government services can help with that, too.  Include a website QR code that citizens can scan that takes them to a web page explaining the development or use a file download QR code

connected to a PDF that explains it or opt for video and include a YouTube QR code that goes into greater detail in a video. If your sign is big enough, use all three!

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