QR codes for real estate agencies

Attract more potential home and property buyers with the help of QR codes for real estate agencies. Show off your listings and gain customers’ trust by sharing your knowledge with them.
qr codes for real estate

Get inspired and upgrade your agency with these QR codes for real estate examples

qr codes for real estate

QR codes for real estate engage your customers

Improve your customer engagement with the help of the ultimate interactive tool. Use QR codes for real estate and give clients a view into the home of their dreams or the commercial property that will take their business to the proverbial next level. And speaking of next levels, are you ready to take your real estate agency there?

Have a look at these creative ways to use QR codes for real estate agencies to attract customers

Show off your listings

Homebuyers and renters want to see the inside of the places they’re considering and the views from those places, too. Give interested clients a peek inside the properties you have for sale or rent with the help of QR codes for real estate and a landing page QR code
that you’ve edited into an image gallery. With some simple editing (no coding knowledge necessary) you can turn the mobile optimized page into anything you want by adding text, photos, videos, links and lists. If you do know coding, you are able to edit the pages that way, too.

Put a code beside each listing in your catalog or on your listings wall at your office and let customers scan them and view the properties from the inside. Use the short URL that comes with each QR code on websites. When someone clicks or taps the URL, it’s the same as scanning the code.

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Promote your agency’s app

Does your real estate agency have an app? If so, QR codes for real estate are a fabulous way to garner more downloads. It doesn’t even matter if a person scans the code with an iPhone or an Android, because the code detects the type of operating system and takes the person to the appropriate store to download the version of the app that best suits their phone.

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Keep customers informed

Use a file download QR code to distribute your latest listings to interested buyers and renters by connecting it to a PDF. When someone scans the code, it downloads the PDF to their phone. Change the PDF each week or each month so the listings are always up to date. That way, your customers only need one copy of the code and they can always have access to the freshest properties.

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Give virtual tours

Make sure everyone can get a tour of a house you have for sale, even if it’s not at an open house. Print a YouTube QR code on your For Sale signs and invite passersby to scan the code if they want a look inside the house. When they scan the code, it will take them to the virtual tour video you’ve made on YouTube and they can see the inside of the house no matter what time or day it is.

Because these are dynamic QR codes for real estate, you can reuse the codes multiple times without reprinting them. Just switch the content they connect to!

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Expand your network

digital business card QR code is a quick and easy way to expand your network. With a simple scan, prospective buyers and sellers can save your contact information in their phones’ contact list. Print one on all your business cards and stationary so customers can connect with you easily. Our batch actions allow you to get a digital business card QR code for everyone in your agency at the same time with the help of a CSV file.

To expand your network even further, try a Social Link QR code, which is linked to a landing page that lists all your social media accounts (even TikTok, if you’re on there). When a customer scans the code, they can choose which platforms to follow you on.

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