QR codes on flyers

QR codes on flyers turn them from two dimensional into a multi-dimensional way of advertising with endless possibilities.

Best practices for QR codes on flyers


1. Make it eventful

If you’re planning an event, make sure folks can get to it by adding a Google Maps QR code to your flyer. Or, if it’s for charity, add a PayPal QR code and let people donate to your cause if they can’t make it to the event. Make sure you know how many people are planning on coming by connecting a Website QR code to a page where visitors can RSVP. There are so many options!


2. Make it performative

Sure, flyers can show your audience photos, but add a YouTube QR code and let them watch videos of whatever you have on offer. There’s nothing like a video to get folks excited about what you’re selling. Show them video reviews of products or promotional videos explaining how your products will improve their lives.


3. Make it promotional

Coupon cutting is a time-honored tradition among people who love to save money and now coupon scanning is the 21st century equivalent of that. Place a Coupon QR code on your flyer to give visitors a holiday discount or a deal on new arrivals or money off of old stock that needs to go.


4. Make it work for you

Take control of your marketing with the help of our dynamic QR codes on flyers, which you can recycle and reuse at any time. You can alter the content of them without having to reprint them. Simply sign into QRcodeKit.com and change what you need to on the back end of the code. The printed code can stay the same.

In addition to that, dynamic QR codes give you all kinds of useful data like when they were scanned, where they were scanned and how many new and total scans they’ve received, along with the type of device and operating system used to scan them.


5. Make it stand out

Yet another huge advantage of dynamic QR codes on flyers is their customizability. Change the colors to match your brand, add a gradient for some artistic flair, put a logo in it and alter the short URL to your brand name. A customized QR code invites scans.


QR codes on Flyers: the benefits

Easy and affordable to print, flyers have been a mainstay of advertising for decades. These humble little paper advertisements can pack even more of a punch by adding a QR code to them and connecting them to online content. With just a scan, they can help you gain social media followers, promote special offers, collect donations, show customers where you are on the map and so much more.

How to generate QR codes
on flyers

Register for a free trial

1. Register for a 14-day free trial with QRcodeKit.com and choose the type of QR code you want on your flyer.


2. Enter the necessary information for that QR code type.


3. Customize your QR code by editing the short URL and creating a template for it. Add your brand’s name, logo and colors.


4. Download your QR code in the file format you need. (We can help you choose the right one.)


5. Integrate your newly-created QR code into your flyer design.



6. Watch the magic happen.



Because the QR codes are dynamic, you can change them at any time. It’s super easy.

Ready to jump level?

Turn your flyers into interactive marketing tools

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QR codes on Flyers: how to do it right

Empower your flyer by giving it a whole new way to entice consumer interaction. Capture your audience’s attention, give them a simple call to action (CTA) to follow and provide value for them when they scan your code. Make it worth their while.
Recipients of your flyers might scan your code of their own volition, but most of the time they’ll require a little nudge in the form of a clear CTA that tells them what they can expect when they scan the code. Let them know what awaits them post-scan and they’ll be more likely to get their phone out and do it.
Your logo is beautiful, so why not show it off by putting it right inside your QR code? This will add even more brand recognition to your code and enhance trust with your audience. The best logos to include are simple icons sans words. Our automatic system will let you know if your code is still scannable when you add your logo, so upload with confidence.
Each time you create a new QR code, you can save the design as a template for you. This is so you can go back and use that exact design whenever you like and you’ll never have to painstakingly try and recreate it. Using the same design for codes can be helpful with organizing your campaigns and testing new looks.
“Speaking of testing – always test your codes before you print them. The QRcodeKit.com system will automatically analyze your codes as you’re editing them to make sure they remain scannable, but you should still test them with a variety of devices just to be on the safe side. Keep in mind that the minimum size we recommend is 3 x 3 cm (1 x 1 in).”

See QR codes on flyers in action

If you’re holding an event, you want to get all the necessary information on the flyer, but sometimes that can mean overloading the flyer with information. So, why not let a QR code do some of the heavy lifting? Use a Social Links QR code to list your social media accounts or a Google Maps QR code to show visitors the exact location and give them directions if necessary. If it’s a charitable event, a PayPal QR code will allow people to donate even if they can’t make it to the event itself.

For book launches, add a Download File QR code with a PDF excerpt of the book or an MP3 file with an audio excerpt. Or, a YouTube QR code could host a book trailer for customers to watch. Help folks get their hands on the book by using a Website QR code that leads to a pre-order page.

Coupon QR codes are an obvious choice for store flyers. Replace the cutting with scanning and bring in more customers. Give your customer service a boost by including a Whatsapp QR code so customers can access help with a scan. They’ll appreciate the simplicity of it.

Augment your flyers with more information by having a Download File QR code linked to a PDF that contains more info about the tours you offer. Or, turn a mobile page into a photo gallery and link it to a Mobile Page QR code to entice adventurers to your tours. Promote your company’s app with an App Store QR code that detects the type of phone being used to scan it and takes the person to the appropriate app store.

Print a Menu QR code on your flyers and give your guests the opportunity to scan it and download up to 10 different menus into their phone. That way, they can have it on them and check it whenever they’re feeling hungry. Give them your main menu, drinks and dessert menus and any specialty menus you have. It’s perfect for restaurants.