QR codes safe

Are QR codes safe? Tips & tricks for a more secure mobile marketing

As the world rolls into August 2021, we’ve recently observed a pretty important global milestone – 500 days of Covid.

Things certainly aren’t the same – and while the daily headlines ensure we don’t lose track of the big changes, there have been a few that have surprisingly flown under the radar – and could still pose major concerns regarding our security and safety in an increasingly digital world.

google maps QR code

Google Maps and QR codes: create your own scavenger hunt

What a better way to celebrate a special day like a birthday party or a school celebration than to do a scavenger hunt? Using QR codes and Google maps for your scavenger hunt will make things more efficiently. You will have the offline and online world together helping you create better clues with online resources than otherwise, you could not use.

QR code marketing campaigns

10 amazing ideas for your QR code marketing campaigns

QR code marketing campaigns are the new thing. The use of QR codes in marketing is becoming to pick up steam thanks to the growing smartphone-browsing crowd and the ability of iPhones with IOS 11 to scan codes easily with the camera’s phone. However, not only iPhones have this advantage, but Google Chrome also has its own QR codes scanner to make your life easier.

practical uses of QR codes

7 practical uses of QR codes

There are more practical uses of QR codes than what we think. This post will show you seven practical uses of QR codes that you probably didn’t know and can start using it right now to make your life easier.

facebook event QR code

How to make a Facebook event QR code

Facebook’s endeavor to allow all its users to interact with each other is as strong as ever. The basics are there and they are easy to use and jump into, such as creating fan pages and groups, and sharing multimedia content. Businesses can even get Facebook ads and set up polls. Learn how to create a Facebook event QR code.

digital business cards

How to create digital business cards with vCard QR codes

QR codes offer a grand variety of uses regarding their redirecting capabilities. You can link one to your own website, a social media fan page, a YouTube video or even a Google map. Still, one of these uses surpasses the other ones due to its uniqueness: vCard QR code.


Walmart goes QR with mobile payments

Walmart is taking a bold step into the realm of mobile payments with its innovative Walmart Pay system, which leverages the versatility of QR code


Lay’s uses’s QR codes for some tasty ads!

I presume I’m not the only fan of Lay’s chips. They sure are the number one snacks to have at a party. May be it has to do with their shape, their flavor or even the way they crunch in your mouth… I sure have to have some before I carry on with this article.

great custom QR codes

Great custom QR codes is a leader in dynamic QR code generators (look at our client list!) but our staff are artists first and that’s why we have

profile QR codes

Facebook jumps into profile QR codes

Facebook’s recent profile QR codes integration within its mobile app is redefining social networking. Explore the potential of profile QR codes and join the QR code revival with

QR codes on the web

Should you use QR codes on the web?

Unlocking the potential of QR codes: why they matter on websites In the world of digital marketing, the general rule often touted is that using