Make registration and access seamless with a check-in form QR code

Easily enroll and check in employees, customers, guests, students, and event attendees with a QR Code for registration.
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Streamline your booking and admittance process. Say bye-bye to paper forms and queues.

Make it simpler for people to communicate with you and welcome more visitors.
Brick and mortar businesses

Brick and mortar businesses

Still having clients, suppliers, and visitors using paper and pen to check in at your office reception and enter your premises? Cut waiting times and make admittance a breeze by using Check-in form QR codes.

Event management

Event management

Check-in form QR codes enable users to register for a conference, a sporting event, or a concert with a simple scan. Track attendance, increase participation, and build a database for upcoming events.

Practicing professionals

Practicing professionals

Doctors, lawyers, and accountants – as well as real estate agencies, gyms, and all physical businesses – can simplify their appointment by printing Check-in form QR codes on business cards, flyers, and posters.

How works

How does a Check-in form QR code work?

When users scan your Check-in form QR code with their phones, they access a landing page that you can customize explaining the purpose of the form and including all the relevant information (the details of your event, for instance, your opening hours, the admission policy, or simply a welcome message).

Once visitors complete the form with the data you require for the registration or check-in procedure, they will be shown a confirmation message. Done! It doesn’t get easier than that. And the best thing is that you can create your form directly on, asking all the info you need (full name, email address, phone number).

We save all submissions for you to check and download, so you can better manage accesses and keep everything under control.

The most secure access management solution

The most secure access management solution

Whether you need to track your employees’ access, safely admit clients or suppliers to your premises, list who’s attending a seminar, or book appointments with patients, user privacy and compliance with data protection regulations is a must.

That’s why we have built all the tools you need to manage personal information correctly in the Check-in QR codes.

You have the option to add a legal statement to your form, like a privacy policy disclaimer, that visitors can accept or reject before filling out the form. And you can also make the acceptance mandatory so that only people who agree with personal data processing can continue.

Finally, you can automatically delete your visitors’ saved data weekly or monthly. This way, you can ensure that you will only store their information when needed.

Speed up registrations and check-ins

Speed up registrations and check-ins

Create a frictionless experience for users with a QR code for all things registration: they only need to scan the code with their smartphones and fill in the form to check in, schedule an appointment, or enlist for an event. Avoid errors and save employees, visitors, and attendants’ time.

Check-in QR codes help you improve efficiency and boost participation. Oh, and you also save on printing costs by eliminating paper forms!

Boost the number of scans with a unique QR Code


Boost the number of scans with a unique QR code

Distinguish your code with remarkable branding by incorporating your logo and brand hues, embedding your brand name within its short URL, and even modifying the shape of the elements in the QR to reflect your brand’s character.

Introduce a color gradient to exhibit your creative flair. Custom-designed codes get more visits, so enjoy the personalization process!
Enable data-driven admittance management

Enable data-driven admittance management codes offer you an array of valuable information.

Discover the locations and times of your code scans, as well as the overall and new scans they’ve accumulated. Download and share reports and utilize your data to enhance your workflows and campaigns.
make check-in form

How do I make a Check-in form QR code?

Sign up for a 14-day trial, or, if you are already registered, sign in and follow these instructions:

    • 1. Click “Create QR code.”


    • 2. Choose “Check-in form” as solution type.


    • 3. Customize the form page and add all the fields that you need.


    • 4. Assign a name to your QR code to manage it efficiently.


    • 5. Hit “Save and Apply Changes”.


Congratulations! Your Check-in form QR code is ready.

my QR codes

How can I make my QR code more me?

You can integrate your brand identity and adapt your code to suit your needs.

  • Customize your QR with your brand’s colors and logo.
  • Add your brand name to the short URL.
  • Download it in various file formats.
  • Enable password protection, if required.
  • Connect the QR to your Google Analytics account.

You can even produce a design template for your codes and apply it to campaigns or even the whole account.

Why use dynamic Check-in form
QR codes?

brand recognition
Enhance brand recognition

To improve brand awareness, customize the shortened URL by adding your brand name and integrate your logo and colors into the QR. Customers tend to scan customized QR codes more often.

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Evaluate performances

With dynamic QR codes, you can obtain valuable insights such as the time and location of each scan, as well as the number of forms filled out. Witness the progress of your campaign firsthand in real-time!

Stay adaptable

You can modify your form at any given moment. Dynamic QR codes allow you to change the content of your QR without having to reprint it. Just sign into your account and make any necessary edits.

print QR
Immaculate print quality

Once you are satisfied with your QR code, it is time to print it out! You can select from our variety of file formats available. If you require guidance in choosing the right one for your needs, just contact us in our live chat.

What are the best tips for using Check-in form QR codes?

Here's a few!

The medium you select will influence how you display your code, but you can make it noticeable by leaving white space around it on your material. This will help visitors notice it.

If you intend to use it on a poster or billboard, ensure that it is large enough for individuals to see and scan from a distance. In the case of a billboard, it will need to be considerably large.

There is no technical limit on the size of QR codes, but we recommend a minimum size of 1 x 1 inch (3 x 3cm).

When incorporating it into a poster, aim to position it at eye level to make it easy for visitors to scan it with their phones.

Each of your codes is accompanied by a short URL that you can personalize to display whatever you prefer: your brand, the name of an event, a class, a venue.

These URLs function similarly to scanning the code when tapped or clicked, allowing you to utilize them on digital channels. Send them via email or messenger, or put them on your web page if they should be publicly available.

Encourage customers and visitors to scan your Check-in form QR code by incorporating a clear call-to-action (CTA).

A clear and concise CTA explaining users what to expect after scanning can tremendously elevate the interaction generated by your QR code.

We suggest you maintain your CTA brief with 3-4 words. Start with a potent verb, such as “Book,” “Register,” “Access,” or “Reserve.”

Incorporate your logo or an image, customize the colors, and adjust the QR’s shape to produce an attention-grabbing QR code customized to fit your brand’s unique style.

Did you know that customized QR codes can yield up to 200% more scans than plain black-and-white ones? A QR with a personalized design can offer you a competitive advantage.

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How to scan a QR code?

Any smartphone out there has native QR code scanning capabilities. Click here for a comprehensive guide on optimizing your QR code.

Check-in form QR codes are the most flexible solution to smooth out and speed up premises admittance procedures for all companies, improve any type of registration or booking process, and securely manage access to all sorts of events.

Capture visitors’ contact info, get lists of people who submitted and actual participants, monitor footfall better, and automate your guest management workflow.