QR codes for gyms and wellness studios

Increase membership in your gym or health club by using QR codes for gyms. Using QR codes is like putting your marketing on a muscle building regimen. Before long, your marketing and promotion will be swol.
qr codes for gyms

Check out some of the best ways to use
QR codes for gyms

qr codes for gyms

QR codes for gyms maximize memberships

Whether you run a gym, a yoga studio, a boxing academy, an aerobics studio or you offer personal training services, incorporating QR codes for gyms and wellness studios into your marketing strategy raises more awareness about what you’re offering. Take care of your current members and attract new ones with the help of QR codes.

Let’s look at some creative ways to use
QR codes for gyms


Find more followers

Undoubtedly, the best way to keep in touch with clients nowadays is via social media. You just need to get visitors to follow you. A social link QR code is a fabulous way to gain more social media followers. Place one on all your printed materials and when visitors scan it, they are taken to a landing page that lists all your accounts (it even has TikTok if you have an account). Visitors can choose the platforms they prefer and follow you for all your fantastic updates. It’s as simple as: scan, choose, follow.


Tease your courses

Give visitors a preview of your courses by putting a YouTube QR code on your flyers and posters that they can scan to watch a video about what the course entails. If you offer multiple courses, link the dynamic QR code to your entire YouTube channel and let visitors choose the videos they want to watch. This will show them exactly what they can expect if they sign up. If you have enough room on your printed material, include a website QR code that leads to the sign up page on your website so they can join right away.

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Distribute deals

Attract new members to your gym or health club by putting QR codes for gyms with a coupon QR code on your banners and pamphlets so prospective clients can check things out at a discounted rate before committing full-time. Brand your QR code with your colors and include a snappy call to action to make sure visitors take advantage of the deal. Switch your coupon every once in a while to keep things fresh. There’s no need to change the QR code. Simply sign into your QR Code KIT account and change the coupon on the backend. The actual printed code stays the same.


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Revel in reviews

One of the best ways to attract new clients is by collecting positive reviews, which reflect well on your business. Place a Google Reviews QR code on posters near the exit and ask visitors to scan it and leave their thoughts. When scanned, the code opens to your business’ Google listing where visitors can leave you a review and sing your praises or offer critiques to help you improve your offerings. 

Using QR Code KIT’s batch actions allows you to upload a .CVS file and create digital business cards for everyone in your organization if you like. Imagine how fast your network would grow then!

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Pump up your downloads

Do you have a mobile app for your gym or studio? If so, using QR codes for gyms with an App Store QR code on your printed marketing materials will get those app downloads skyrocketing. You only need one dynamic QR code for both iOS and Android versions of your app. That’s because the code detects the type of operating system being used to scan it and takes visitors to the appropriate app store. iOS users go to the Apple App Store and Android users go to the Google Play Store.


Collect contacts for your network

When your employees are out and about networking at trade shows and health fairs and similar events, make sure they’re promoting your business well by including a website QR code on their business cards so potential new contacts can scan them and immediately learn about your business.

Or, alternatively, have all your employees’ business cards printed with digital business card QR code so potential new contacts can scan the codes and have your employees’ contact information saved directly into their phones. Our batch actions allow you to create digital business card for everyone quickly and easily by uploading a .CSV file.


Stay in touch

Personal trainers have a commitment to their clients to keep them motivated to reach their goals. For that extra personal touch, include a WhatsApp QR code on your business cards or other printed material. When a client scans the code, it opens WhatsApp on their phones and they can instantly contact you. You can even include a pre-written message. Give the code to your long-tenured clients as a perk for their loyalty.

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