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How to track QR codes

track qr codes
Learn everything about how to track QR codes. Collect valuable data allowing you to optimize your campaign and achieve your goals.

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Efficiently track QR codes and measure their performance

QR code generators allow you to create dynamic QR codes, customize them, and, most notably, view their statistics. This invaluable information will help you improve your campaign and reach your target audience.

Why track QR codes?

QR codes as a mobile marketing tool are very effective since they can provide instant access to any type of digital content you can imagine just by scanning them. From contact information, custom mobile pages and how-to videos, to more advanced applications like mobile payments, user feedback and discount coupons. But a QR code campaign cannot thrive just by having endless content possibilities. You have to track QR codes and measure them in order to tell how well it is performing. This is why analytics are so important.

The statistical data collected by a QR code

Dynamic QR codes are linked to a short URL which not only links to the chosen content but also collects the tracking data. The information is available in real time, meaning that you will have an up-to-date overview of your campaign. Here is a quick rundown of all data that can be collected when you track QR codes:

Unique scans vs. scans​

A unique scan counts as the first time a user visits an online content. A scan, on the other hand, counts as the subsequent times that the user visited said content. For example, a user scans QR code “A”, closes the browser and scans QR code “A” again, this results in one unique scan and two scans. This tracking data is available on all QR Code KIT’s plans and is crucial to identify new customers from recurring ones.


Also known as daily analytics, with this data available if you track QR codes you will be able to know how many times your QR codes were scanned on a given date via a chart that shows their progress. If you have an event that lasts several days, you will know how many people attended each session.


This tracking data shows the number of scans that were made in different countries and cities. For example, if you have stores all over the world, you will be able to track QR codes and measure how each one of them is performing in terms of the QR code content provided.

Users’ age and gender

If the user has its smartphone associated to a Google account and its information is set to public, you will be able to get this tracking data. It will help you identify trends and demographics that respond to your QR codes content.

Mobile devices, operating systems and browsers

This tracking data allows you to understand what mobiles devices, operating systems and browsers are used by your target audience. It will allow you to develop a marketing strategy oriented to one mobile device or another. Depending on the objectives, this information can define the development of strategic pillars that accelerate growth. For example, a new APP for Android if 80% of the scans come from these devices.

QR Code KIT’s tracking and measuring capabilities

With QR Code KIT’s QR code generator you will not only be able to view all these statistics but also filter the information by date and download reports of the tracking of a single QR code or of an entire project. This is very useful if you plan to make a presentation of your campaign’s progress over a period of time. Finally, if you have a Google Analytics ID, you can connect it to your QR Code KIT account to access even more ways to view the tracking of your QR codes.

Improve your QR code campaign

Having all these tracking data at your disposal means only one thing: that you will have a complete understanding of your campaign’s strengths and weaknesses. By studying the information at your fingertips when you track QR codes, you will be able to determine if your call-to-action is engaging your target audience, identify trends such as where your QR codes are being scanned the most and more.

Start creating QR codes that actually work for you