How to create QR codes

How to create QR codes
Discover how to create QR codes easily, add content to them, and customize them to make them stand out and attract visitors.

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Create QR codes: all the types you can make

With QR Code KIT, you can choose from the following types of QR codes:

What tools do I need?

To make a dynamic QR code, all you need is a QR code generator, which is a website that help you create QR codes.

All you need to do is enter the required information and the website will create a QR code for you. QR Code KIT is a QR code generator. Let’s go through the basic steps of creating a QR code using the QR Code KIT generator.

Create QR codes

Here are the basic steps to create a code with QR Code KIT.

Step 1: Register for a free trial or sign into your existing account.

Step 2: Click “Create project.”

Step 3: Give your project a name and click “Save project.”

Step 4: Click “Create QR.”

Step 5: Choose the type of QR code you want to create.

Step 6: Fill in all the necessary information for your QR code. The information you have to supply varies for different QR codes.

Step 7: Save it.

The whole process only takes minutes

By following these easy steps, you will end up with a simple, black and white QR code that you can start using immediately.

Customizing your code

Guests are more likely to scan QR codes that look unique and stand out. You can help boost scans of your code by applying your branding to it and making it look unique so visitors are more intrigued by it.
To help individualize your codes, create one or more templates to use for your codes. You can edit your code by doing the following:

  • Changing its colors
  • Adding a gradient to blend two colors
  • Adding an image to the code, like a logo
  • Altering the shape of the code’s elements
  • Editing the shortened URL to customize it (with your brand name, for example)

You can also create customized landing and redirect pages for added branding opportunities.

Track your code’s success

create qr codes

Your QR code has an abundance of tracking information to share with you. Use the tracking information to create better campaigns and get even more engagement.

Scan dates

Your tracking information shows you the days visitors scanned your codes and how many scanned them on a given day. Even better, your tracking information indicates how many total scans your code received and how many of those total scans are new people who have never scanned your code before. Easily see how many new visitors your code is attracting!

Scan location

See which countries and cities guests scanned your codes in. This information gives you insights into where your QR code marketing is working and where you need to step up your efforts.

Scanners’ gender & age

Collect information like gender and age of individuals who have their phones connected to a public Google account. Having this information is invaluable for getting a clearer picture of who your audience is.

Scanning tools

See what mobile devices, operating systems and browsers your audience uses to scan your codes. This allows you to create campaigns that target specific operating systems or browsers for greater engagement with your audience.

Scanning reports

Receive comprehensive reports about the daily activities related to your QR codes. You can see reports for individual QR codes or entire projects that use multiple codes. If you have a Google Analytics account, connect it to your project and receive even more in-depth data about your campaigns.

Why create QR codes?

Your QR code has an abundance of tracking information to share with you. Use the tracking information to create better campaigns and get even more engagement.

QR codes provide a bridge between the online and real worlds that give consumers an interactive way to engage with your brand. They save your audience steps (and time) for doing activities related to your brand.
A PayPal QR code, for example, saves visitors the time of opening PayPal and inputting your payment information. With a simple scan, PayPal opens and your payment information and the price or donation information is already entered.
Any time you can make things easier for your audience, you are bringing them a step closer to taking the action you want them to take.

  • Give them a reason to interact with your brand. (Call-to-Action)
  • Give them a way to interact with your brand. (QR code)
  • Reap the rewards. (Higher sales, more visibility, increased engagement, etc.)

Start creating QR codes that actually work for you