QR codes for retail

Reap the rewards of QR codes for retail in your business. Embrace QR marketing campaigns to draw in more customers and keep them coming back. Elevate your e-commerce by giving guests the option to buy products on the spot.
qr codes for retail

Get inspired so your store, shop, boutique, or outlet can make the most of QR codes for retail

qr codes for retail

QR codes for retail give you strong ROI

Incorporating QR codes for retail into your sales and marketing strategy can help convert window shoppers to paying customers, all for an amazing return on investment.

Read on to see how you can implement QR codes for retail in your promotional strategy


Collect reviews

Positive reviews online are like the modern equivalent to word-of-mouth marketing. The more positive reviews you collect, the better your reputation is and the more customers you’ll draw in. One effective way to make sure you’re getting reviews is with QR codes for retail with a Google Reviews QR code

When customers scan this code, they are taken to your Google listing where they can leave their thoughts. If they’ve had a good experience, they can tell the world about that and if they have a suggestion for improvement, you’ll be able to take action on it. 

Place your dynamic QR code on a table tent near the checkouts, on posters by the exits and in the change rooms, and put it on your receipts with an enticing call to action.

Attract more followers

Customers make great social media followers because they already shop at your store, so they’re likely more willing to follow you on your various social media accounts. QR codes for retail with a social link QR code are a fabulous way to advertise your social media accounts and gain followers.

 When a customer scans the code, they are taken to a landing page (hosted by us) where your social media accounts are listed. It even has TikTok if you’re on there. They can then choose which platforms they want to follow you on. Put one in your ads, on posters around your store or on your receipts and watch your follower numbers climb.


Delight with discounts

Everyone loves a deal, so using coupon QR codes is an obvious way to make customers happy. Print a Coupon QR code on your banners, your posters, your catalogs and any other printed promotional material you have. When customers scan the code, they can access the coupon you’ve created and redeem it at your store. Change out the coupon once in a while to keep everything fresh and keep those scans coming in. Use the short URL that comes with the code in your digital promotion. Tapping or clicking the URL is the same as scanning the code!


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Tell an engaging story

Consumers don’t just patronize stores, they build relationships with the brands they really love. Help make this connection with a YouTube QR code linked to a video that tells your brand story and conveys your values. 

If you have more than one video, link your QR codes for retail to your entire YouTube channel so customers can choose which videos to watch. Print the code and place it on price tags, posters and flyers to help you make that deeper connection with customers and turn them into life-long shoppers.


Share more images

Printed advertising is still a viable way to gain customers, but there is limited space in ads. With a landing page QR code, though, that space becomes virtually infinite. These QR codes for retail are connected to mobile optimized web pages that we host. You are able to edit those pages into anything you like using photos, videos, text, links and lists. 

That means you can print a QR code in your ad and have the code lead to a mobile page that you’ve edited into a striking image gallery. Keep your ads looking sleek while still being able to show off a lot of your offerings.

The mobile pages are extremely easy to edit (if you can use Word, you can edit one of these pages 😉) and you are able to update the pages whenever you like without having to reprint the code.


Digitize your catalog

Catalogs and lookbooks are amazing ways to show off your stock, but they do cost a lot to print. Put them in a PDF, though, and you can distribute them easily with the help of a file download QR code

Customers scan the code and the PDF is downloaded to their phones where they can peruse it at their leisure. Put the code in your ads with a call to action telling customers that all kinds of fabulous fashion (or whatever you sell) awaits! Update the PDF as often as you need to without having to reprint the code.


Energize your ecommerce

Give customers the opportunity to buy a product right there on the spot with a QR code. If you’re advertising a single product, include a PayPal QR code that allows customers to instantly purchase the product with a scan. Or, if you have ecommerce set up on your website, opt for a website QR code that leads to a checkout page on your website. Print the code along with any advertising for the product so customers can buy it when they see it.

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