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Boost your views with a YouTube QR code

Create a YouTube QR code to drive traffic to your video or channel with ease.
Youtube QR Code

A YouTube QR code is always a good idea!

From gamers and beauty influencers to DIY warehouses or English teachers, possibilities are infinite!

How does a YouTube QR code work?

You create a QR code, paste in the link to your YouTube content and when your followers scan the code, YouTube opens and your video automatically begins playing. Try some of these:

  • How-to videos
  • Movie trailers
  • Music clips
  • Product reviews
  • Podcasts
  • Explainer videos
  • Instructional videos
  • Introductory videos
  • Educational videos
  • About us videos
  • Testimonials
  • Holiday greetings
  • Pet videos!

(We would watch the heck out of your pet videos.)
QR Code Youtube
QR Youtube Code

Make it easy for patrons to watch

Make it simple for your audience to view your YouTube content. The faster you can get them watching, the quicker you can get them to take the desired action.
Made QR Code

Make your YouTube QR code your own

Encourage more scans by customizing your code.
Insert a branded short URL +
Make it your brand’s colors +
Input your logo = A YouTube QR code that people want to scan!
Youtube Campaigns

Improve your YouTube campaigns

Track your QR’s data so you can make constant improvements to your video campaigns. See exactly when, where and how many times your code was scanned. Then, use that data to refine your campaigns and get even more YouTube engagement.
How to make a website QR code

How do I make one?

To make a YouTube QR code, you’ll need a QR code generator such as QRcodeKit.com. Then, you can register for a free trial or, if you already have an account, log in and follow these steps:

    • 1. Click “Create QR code.”
    • 2. Select “Youtube” as the type.
    • 3. Select the type of YouTube content you want to link to:
      • 1. Channel
      • 2. Video URL
      • 3. Video Embed Code

4. Insert the URL
5. Repeat for as many social media accounts as you have.
6. Click “Save and Apply Changes”

Boom. Done!

That’s all you have to do to make a YouTube QR code.

YouTube welcome!

YouTubers, let your audience reach you in a different way. As a quality content creator, why not create a QR code that lets your audience reach your Youtube channel?

QR code insights

What else can I do with the QR code?

If you’re done creating your QR code, you can add your branding to it and more. Try some of these:
  • Adding your brand’s colors and logo. Putting your brand name in the shortened URL.
  • Downloading it in different file formats.
  • Protecting it with a password, if necessary.
  • Connecting it to your Google Analytics account.
  • Adding a redirect page with a unique message.

You can also create a landing page template to use for your codes and so much more. We invite you to explore all the fun options we have for QR codes.

Why use a dynamic YouTube
QR code?

brand recognition
Showcase your brand’s individuality

Let your brand shine within the QR code. Add your logo to the QR code, change the colors to match your brand’s color palette. Customize the short URL with your name. Or, put a YouTube logo in the code so everyone knows exactly what to expect when they scan it.

Star QR
Showcase your brilliance

Print your QR code in a variety of high-definition formats that look amazing regardless of their size and what medium they are in. No matter how you share your YouTube QR code, it’s going to look good. Please ask us about formats if you need help choosing.

Register for a free trial
Assess your code’s success

Dynamic YouTube QR codes provide you with a lot of useful information. What information? Times they were scanned. Places they were scanned. Number of times they were scanned. Find out how many people are watching your YouTube video from the code.

Keep your codes flexible

Change the video URL, the channel URL or the embed code whenever you need to. Your code is completely editable. Don’t worry about making a mistake again. Just edit the code.

Here are some YouTube QR code ideas!

Make videos about infrastructure projects or new social programs and put the QR code on mail out information packs. Or, put it on posters and billboards in the region.
Suppose you have a home improvement store. Share how-to videos showing people ways to make little DIY projects around their houses. Print out a brochure highlighting some of the materials they will need to do a certain project. Then, create a QR code for a YouTube video that shows them how to create that specific project.

Or, print a direct mail card that advertises your YouTube channel that has loads of videos showing people how to do little fixes around the house. Have the QR code point to your channel.
Link your code to a YouTube video that makes your customers want to immediately drop everything they’re doing and check out your book, movie, game, whatever.

Print bookmarks to give away and have the QR code always pointing to your newest book.

Send out an email to your customers prompting them to scan the code whenever you have a new movie or game trailer up
Share your expertise in video form and print some brochures with a QR code for your YouTube channel.

Share information with people on your real estate sign by pointing visitors to a video about your agency.

Or, link the code to a virtual tour video of the house where your real estate sign is located. That way, home buyers can tour the house even if you’re not there to show them around.

Put your QR code on your business card and have it link to a video about your company or your company’s YouTube channel. 

How to scan QR code

Will people scan it?

Most phones can automatically recognize and scan QR codes.

Connecting a QR code to YouTube is an easy and affordable way to get your YouTube content out to your target audience. With a simple scan from their phones, your prospects could be watching your content. 

If you have a YouTube channel, a YouTube QR code is one of the best ways to promote it.

The right choice.

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