Link in bio QR code: one link to ALL of your content

Streamline access to your content with our Link in Bio QR code. Connect fans to your social posts, videos, blogs, and more with a single scan. The ultimate hub for all your online material.
Link in Bio qr code

One link to share EVERYTHING!

Share all your LINKS with a link in bio QR code → QRcodeKit.TO/YOURNAME














link in bio qr code

Share everywhere

Share all your links in your social posts, in your bio, in your email signature, on your profiles and more.
Use the link in bio QR code on all your physical media for effortless (and contactless) promotion.

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Express yourself!

Customize your landing page and QR code to show off your personality.
Decorate them with your logo, your colors, your name and make them look however you want.

How it works

It takes just 3 minutes to make a link in bio QR code to ALL of your content, in 4 easy steps.

1. One link for ALL

Sign up and create your link in bio page! Add as many social media profiles you have! Don’t miss a FOLLOWER ever again! Let your audience know where to like your content.

2. Your style, your rules!

Customize your link in bio with your name, brand or even your pet’s name! Choose the colors that express your style, add logos and make it yours!

3. Spread the share!

Share your short URL (your link) on all your digital platforms, in your profile, bio or even posts and stories! Remember you can use your QR code on all your physical media, or your teespring!

4. Track & improve!

When fans tap or click the link or scan the QR code, that data is collected for you. See when and where fans interacted with your one link!

A link in bio is all you need!

Save space and keep your designs beautiful and refined thanks to a unique link for all your links. A link in bio QR code lets you link all of your content in one place. No need to share multiple links anymore.


Use the SHORT URL our link in bio creates for you, and paste it in your Instagram profile. Add your one link to your Instagram stories, and share it with the world!